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(X-rated) July 3-4 2023, US Route 4 to Thistle Hill Shelter:
We hitched closer to Killington then camped beside a lovely waterfall, pretty much directly on the trail.
In the morning, I was excited to get going because it was the first day Voodoo let me hike alone. We had a disagreement the other day about how it felt he was never letting me go on my own. The times he did, I was either slackpacking or in eyes reach.
“If you see how happy I am hiking alone and getting space to be with nature and God, why would you want to take that away from me?” I asked.
As soon as he felt that, he let me go. But today, I quickly got over that when I got swarmed by mosquitos and flies. Voodoo had the insect repellent. Mid climb, I turned around and began road walking. I accidentally came across a local town parade that happened to be just starting. It was for the local town of Killington, VT.
They threw candy and ice cream at us and several people kept trying to talk to me and ask questions about my hike.
I thought to myself, You know, this would be nice if Voodoo was here right now.
I just didn’t want the attention today nor did I really want to talk to people. It seemed as if each year I was retracting more into myself and away from the crowds. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I ever really enjoyed crowds. The only time I did was when I was in my teens/early twenties and I viewed it as a time to dress half naked so boys could hit on me and I could get sexual attention. It was also the time I would drink/do drugs which helped me relax into the public scene. Now, I felt more and more drawn to being in the woods and away from community.
Eventually, Voodoo and I went out to eat out at a restaurant, at least that was the plan.
But upon walking in, the first thing the host said was, “If you’re not willing to be patient then just go somewhere else.”
Voodoo and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows, then looked back at her and said, “It’s not a problem.”
To which she replied, “Well, it’s going to be at least an hour.”
We said it wasn’t an issue and asked her if she wanted us to leave our backpacks outside.
“You can do whatever you want with them,” she barked, “just put them right over there,” as she pointed indirectly towards the back wall.
So, we put them there, then she got mad at where we placed them and told us to move our packs. She made it very obvious she didn’t want to cater to us. Shortly after, we saw her screaming at her coworker and at the chef about something being wrong with her order. She was sweating and visibly angry. I just wanted to be in a nice environment and enjoy a meal with my lover. We didn’t feel inspired to stay around someone who appeared annoyed and angry with us, so we got up and left.
As we began walking the road, a lady pulled over and asked if we needed a ride back to the trail. It was perfect timing because we were about to start hitching. We hopped in and as she was driving we told her what apparently happened at the restaurant we went to, so she felt inspired to feed us before bringing us back to trail.
“The locals hate that place,” she said.
She brought us to her friends’ place that overlooked the hills. They generously took care of us and made us food and we felt beyond grateful for their hospitality. I noticed the vibe of Vermont people were so kind and sweet. I hadn’t met a rude person in that state as of yet.
So, come to find out, the guy who lived there owned his own business making maple syrup. Just yesterday I was telling Voodoo how I always wanted to try real maple syrup and everyone told me to try it specifically in Vermont. It was by far the best maple syrup I had in my life. It was smooth, thick, rich and had a long-lasting taste. Even the energy behind it felt as if it was made with so much love.
She dropped us off at the trail while Voodoo smoked some cigs with some other hikers. As he was talking to them, I told him I was going to get a head start. He was much faster than me and I would often feel pressured when he was in front of me, waiting every couple hundred feet for me to catch up.
I was about half a mile in before I heard him screaming my name. I rolled my eyes, feeling like I couldn’t even get just a little bit of space. Even when I would get a head start to hike alone, it just felt as if he was trying to walk really fast/run to catch up to me. I felt I could sense him just around the corner and it never truly felt like I was really in solitude.
So, I made do and we walked together.
“I got sweat dripping down my ass crack,” he said as he accidentally tripped and fell into a puddle. It felt like he broke the intrusive thoughts in my mind through unintentional laughter.
Then, he started talking about how sweaty his balls were. I was really starting to hate how just the visual of his private parts would send me down a train of lustful thoughts. It was as if I was locked and intertwined into his being.
The second I got into the shelter I begged Voodoo if I could lick his sweaty balls. I got so riled up just thinking about them in my mouth, especially right off the trail after a day of hiking.
He didn’t even have time to take his backpack off before I took off my shorts and revealed my bare ass for him, pleading, “Slap my ass.”
Then, I laid down on his lap, ass up as he smacked it silly to a beet red. He spread out the mat and told me to get on my knees as he laid down like a king, ready for my drooling mouth. I took his pants and boxer briefs off, then smiled as I put my hair up in a bun.
Slowly, I lifted his balls and scooped one after the other into my mouth, savoring his musky taste. He was so salty and rich with sweat. I was obsessed with his scent more than anything else about him.
He flipped me onto my mat, then started going at me hard.
How could it keep getting better and better? I thought to myself.
God, his cock felt so fucking good. I just wanted all of him. Sometimes I wished I could stop the moment and just feel that connected with him for eternity.
Right when he was about to cum, a couple of ladies started walking up. Voodoo quickly peeked between the cracks of the shelter and right as I moaned, the girl looked at her friend in shock. She put her arm up to halt her from taking another step.
She cupped her hand around her lips and mouthed, “They’re having SEX.”
I laughed as Voodoo and I scurried to put our clothes on.