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(X-rated) August 6, 2023:
Voodoo pulled into an auto part store after barely having driven his van this morning. It needed some work done otherwise it was going to break down and he didn’t want to take the chance on driving it. There was a place across the street that could take a look, but it wasn’t open, so he said he would probably spend the night in the parking lot and wait for it to open the following morning.
“You might have to hitch from here if they can’t fix my van,” he said.
That idea excited me, so I figured I would get a head start—now! I figured instead of going all the way south to TN, I would just head straight west to take a different hitchhiking route. I wanted to make a pit stop and visit my tramily in Golden, CO. But, before I left, I wanted to get fucked by him one last time—something to remember him by.
I seduced him gently with my eyes, as if they read, “Please, can you give it to me one more time?”
He laid me down, then gave me everything that was left of that unforgettable cock. For a moment, I almost became sad that I wouldn’t have it anymore, and for a moment after that, I felt myself falling into that devilish thought tempting me to stay a bit longer. I didn’t think straight when I was drunk off cock. The feeling of him pulsating with each stroke… throbbing my pussy open, keeping me perfectly distracted from my own mind.
I could tell that he was on the verge of cumming, so I pulled him in close. It was too soon and I didn’t want it to end. I actually almost began to cry and whine, as if dependent on his cock to keep my thoughts at arms length.
“Please… please don’t stop,” I begged with eyes that revealed obsession.
I grabbed his ass and pulled his hips towards me. I lifted my hips as he pushed himself in deeper. All I wanted was to feel his cock forever, but he gave me what he could for the moment and the rest would be only a memory.
After he came, he laid me down on the floor and gently rested my head on his thigh. He teasingly slipped his fingers between my pussy slits, grabbed some of my cum from my opening using the tip of his middle finger, then slid it back up as he quickly found my clit, lubricated it and started picking up the pace by flicking it with added pressure.
I started shaking uncontrollably. With his other hand, he casually hung a cigarette off his bottom lip, lit it and inhaled his addiction, then exhaled the fumes into my face as he flicked the ashes off to the side. That image of him would forever be burned into my memory. I felt turned on to complete desperation. He was a living aphrodisiac to me when it came to sex. I loved his nonchalant attitude mixed with his air of confidence, as if never feeling nervous in his performance or my presence.
I was only a few seconds away from cumming, but the last moment I decided to fake an orgasm. I really didn’t have to, but I felt it would have somehow been easier for me to leave on that note, rather than, “Oh my god! How can I leave THAT behind?!”
As I got dressed and began packing, a guy in a red van pulled over beside us. We told him of our situation and I figured might as well ask if he could give me a lift to the interstate. He couldn’t believe I was just leaving Voodoo behind, but it wasn’t like I could do anything to help him out. I knew jack shit about car maintenance and to be honest, I was ready to part ways. I handed Voodoo the last of the money the officer had given me for food and gave it to him for gas, instead.
He says, “Yeah, you might as well give me money for gas for taking you down all this way.”
And in that moment, I just felt so turned off. I just didn’t perceive him as a man who could take care of a woman as harsh as that may sound. It also energetically confirmed in me that I truly was no longer open, nor attracted to that type of play anymore. I didn’t find it sexy or attractive giving men money, splitting bills or anything of the sort. I wanted a man to show me that he could fully provide and take care of himself—including me. That was what turned me on mentally and physically. And, I was very minimalistic in the things I appeared to want. I didn’t want expensive diamonds or pearls. I wanted food and life experience.
Still, I was really glad I came out to see him, because it felt like a big sense of closure for me—the beginning of the end. I felt I had taken my rose colored glasses off and seen him in a different light. Yes, the sex was amazing, but it didn’t change the fact that outside of that, I didn’t feel energetically good around him. I was shown that he wasn’t the guy for me numerous times, it just felt as if everything clicked for me in that moment. It was all okay, and now, I could move on.
So, I hopped in the van with the man, whose name was Adam, and we drove off after we said our goodbyes to Voodoo. Before getting on the interstate, he wanted to take me out for ice cream, so we made a quick pit stop. He asked if I thought Voodoo might want some, too.
“He would probably really appreciate that!” I said.
So, he got him one, too. Then, we drove back, dropped it off and said our goodbyes again. From there, I was officially on my way. Adam told Voodoo multiple times he would be coming back to check on him since it was the heat of the day. He even offered to take him into his home and cook him a meal and let him take a shower.
As we were driving to the interstate, Adam asked, “You don’t want me to take you part ways?”
“Sure!” I said, “only if you want to.”
We entered the HWY and he said, “Well, this is it! You’re on your way!”
I felt new and alive the second I entered into the state of being on my own again. I wondered to myself if I would always be that way. If this was the state I found I was happiest in, would I ever allow someone close to my heart? I guess only time would tell.
Adam told me he used to be Amish and that he felt a sense of isolation when talking to new people. He didn’t feel open to sharing why he was no longer Amish—said he would save the story for the next time he saw me.
“I hate to drop you off,” he says.
I started laughing and told him how everyone says that to me. I reassured him I was going to be fine and that I loved it! The total ride was around 40 minutes and upon dropping me off, he expressed that he was falling in love with me and that I should think about committing to marriage with him. I was aware of the effect I had on men.
Then, I got picked up by a 21 year old guy and an 18 year old girl. When I asked if they were an item, the girl laughed and the guy appeared to not want to respond. I thought they were a couple just by how they acted and talked, but they just happened to grow up in the same town and knew each other since they were pretty much born.
Afterwards, I got picked up by someone who was a seeker of God. He drove me almost 2 hours, and all we did was talk about what we have been learning through our relationship with God. We exchanged concepts we had been studying about spirituality/religion. He told me he was currently going through a really intense divorce and that it had been five months now. He was actively practicing celibacy, not wanting to sleep around and distract himself with women.
“Although there’s temptations,” he said, “I really want to follow the path of God.”
We talked about sex and I brought up Voodoo and the fear I was feeling. He expressed to me that the sex he had with his wife in his marriage was the best he’s ever had. He explained how it was much better when there was that sense of safety and emotional connection within a partnership. Before dropping me off, he prayed for me and prayed for protection along my path.
Afterwards, I waited on an on-ramp that had barely any traffic. There were a couple of the same work trucks that passed by me, so I stopped trying to hitch as I figured they wouldn’t give me a ride. Another one drove by shortly after and the driver motioned for me to get in.
I opened the door and he said, “I’ll give you a lift.”
I could tell right off the bat he appeared off. Still, I apparently decided to get in. I laughed at myself whenever I still found myself seemingly doing that.
As I was hopping into his front seat, he began aggressively eye-fucking me, so I said, “Hey, just a heads up, I’m not a prostitute.”
He got very defensive and said, “I never fucking said you were!”
That right there was how I knew they thought I was a prostitute.
“Okay,” I said, “I just wanted to be clear since it has been a common theme for me with truck drivers assuming that.”
We got to cruising and he expressed how he had never picked up any other hitchhikers before. He asked if I was carrying any defense or if I was a runaway and I said no. Then, I began talking about my hiking adventures and let him know I was just hitching to another trail I wanted to hike.
He found it crazy that I hiked alone and said, “You won’t eva find a black guy in the woods alone!”
He kept looking over at me, his eyes scanning my body and smirking.
“How do you know if the people picking you up are good people?” he asked.
“You can just sense it in their eyes when you first look at them,” I responded.
“Oh,” he said, “so what you’re saying is you found me good looking.”
“No, that’s not what I’m saying,” I said.
Then, afterwards, he said it was illegal that he even picked me up in the first place.
“Is it, now?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said, “it’s called human trafficking.”
I busted out laughing, then said, “Yeah, welp, this is my exit!”
He quickly swerved off to the exit and got upset that I didn’t tell him sooner.
Well, maybe you shouldn’t have made human trafficking jokes, I thought to myself.
He asked where I would be staying since it was getting dark and I told him I was probably going to get a room since I didn’t want him to know I would be camped on the side of the road. He asked if I get fucked in rooms or if I had sex with people so they would buy me a room.
“No,” I said.
As I was stepping out of his truck, he goes, “Well, I wish we would’ve had sex or something.”
By this point it was getting pretty dark, but I decided to keep hitching.
I got picked up by a military guy and the first thing he asked upon rolling his window down was, “Are you dangerous?”
I laughed and said, “Why does everybody keep asking me that today?”
I just found it so hysterical because it was grown ass men asking me. I was so tiny in comparison to all of them. If they really wanted to, they could’ve put me in my place if I was ‘dangerous’ and carrying weapons.
Anyways, I felt inspired to find a rest area for the night and it looked like there was one about 45 miles away which was exactly how far he was headed. But, we saw one about 10 minutes into our drive, so he asked if I wanted to get dropped off there and I felt the energy was telling me ‘yes’! Although it was a short ride, I had such a fun time with him. He made me feel taken care of and loved and before I got out of his car, he prayed for me. I thanked him for his words of protection.