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(X-rated) August 11, 2023:
I woke up to the image of Zelda’s cat laying on top of her heart. I thought it looked adorable because Zelda was very petite and her cat took up half of her body.
When she woke up, we went to eat breakfast, then she drove me a bit up the road so I could hitch to Wyoming. I got offered a straight shot ride to where I was headed, four hours down the road. She was actually going all the way to Salt Lake City, which was originally my plan, but then last second I decided to go visit my friend Sea Wolf whom I had met at Skylar’s house in NM.
She was still on the CDT and was planning on taking another zero in Pinedale to meet up with a guy whom she was really into. I really enjoyed her energy as a person and figured she was a cool chick to hang around. We had both been following each others writing and thought the other was badass, so I wanted to grow a closer connection to her and felt a big ‘yes’ to come visit her!
The person driving me was named Mila and we got along great. She happened to be a hippie, just like me!
She asked what my spirit animal was and I said, “Octopus!”
“No way!” she exclaimed, “MY spirit animal is an octopus!”
We agreed that our energy embodied different animals depending on what lessons we were going through at that time.
Then, we shared knowledge about sea salts, high energy foods, tinctures and supplements!
As she drove me between the flat plains of the basin, I looked at the snow capped Wyoming mountains in the distance and I began to tear up. The clouds were thick white and bubbly, speckled throughout the sky.
I watched as a bird flew up overhead and I thought to myself, Yes. I am home.
Everything was wide open on the west. The views appeared vast and larger than life. I felt I could breathe and run and twirl!
Right before she dropped me off at Rock Springs, we both saw a bald eagle fly beside her car! Sighting a bald eagle symbolized that it was time to self-reflect and find ways to bring stability back into our lives. Then, she gifted me a beautiful rainbow sparkly necklace that had the Sri Yantra embodied onto it. I thanked her and gave her a hug goodbye and started to hitch out of Rock Springs.
It was just over an hour north to get into Pinedale, but most everyone was headed towards Utah. Eventually, a guy on his lunch break decided to give me a lift out of town. He drove me a few miles up, then I sat on a guardrail beside the HWY. Not the best spot to hitch since everyone was moving really fast, but I took what I could get.
Eventually, a big hefty pick up truck drove by, then did a u-turn shortly after he passed me. He pulled up to me and I blushed when I saw him. He looked absolutely gorgeous. He had a strong build—tall and muscular. I was a bit awe struck.
He offered his hand for me to shake and said, “I’m Geoff. What’s your name?”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Freyja,” I said in a seductive tone.
“Lovely to meet you, Freyja,” he said, “hop in.”
Thank God, I thought to myself.
His voice was deep and primal. He was 48 years old—my favorite. And guess what? He was a firefighter/cop! My pussy throbbed as soon as I heard that. I had to have him and I would do anything to get a taste. He showed me his badge to show me proof of his job. Something about that status symbol just got me off to the core. I had to control myself from jumping him right then and there. I was sure he knew that as my face blushed to a pinkish tint.
I moaned, “Mm, I looove cops,” making sure he knew what I was implying.
He looked over at me and said, “You can’t be saying stuff like that. I have a perverted mind.”
“So do I,” I flirted.
Turned out, he was driving a work vehicle which had cameras in it, but were turned off at the moment.
We should turn them back on, I thought to myself.
“I have two rules for letting you ride in my car,” he said, “one, have fun. And two, not a peep out of you when I answer phone calls.”
“Understood,” I said.
God, I wanted him fucking BAD. I wanted him to destroy me with his cock. No matter what topic was being offered, I kept insinuating sex as a response.
I held eye contact with him as he took a deep breath. I could feel he had slight resistance to my blunt comments, as though he wanted to say things he was fantasizing about, yet would hesitate and stop himself.
His phone began ringing and he told me I had to stay quiet now. So for two whole minutes, I kept my mouth shut. I wanted him to see that I could be a good little girl and take his orders.
After he got off the phone, I asked, “Did I do a good job at keeping quiet for you?”
“You did a very good job,” he flirted.
A moment of silence passed as I casually and seductively stroked my fingertips up along the shaft of his stick shift.
He broke out a smile, blushed and said, “Stop that.”
“Stop what?” I said innocently, “I was just admiring your stick…”
Then, we somehow got on the topic of vomiting, to which he made a comment saying he physically was not able to throw up and that he had to actually put his fingers down his throat.
“See,” I said as I revealed a naughty smile, “that wouldn’t work for me since I don’t have a gag reflex.”
Upon my letting out a smile, he asked me how my teeth were so straight and I laughed and said, “Probably from grinding them at night.”
He goes, “Well, they look really sexy.”
As soon as he made that comment, I knew he was all in.
I gave him one of my stickers since we started talking about my adventures. As he opened up the glove compartment to put it in there, I saw a big black thick gun. I couldn’t even play off my composure. I blushed as I looked out the window and bit my lip.
He caught me and goes, “Oo that’s the fetish, eh? Guns, huh?”
I fanned my face to imply I was getting heated and he teased, “You want me to put the AC on?”
“Yes,” I said, biting my tongue.
“Just say what is on your mind,” he said, “don’t be afraid.”
At this point, we were about to pull into my destination.
I could tell we both just wanted to get fucked, so to seal in the deal, I said, “I messaged my friend who I’m supposed to be meeting here and told her how I got picked up by a sexy firefighter. She told me to take my time.”
I felt my nipples grow erect.
“We should find a dirt road somewhere,” I suggested, “kill some time.”
“Oh now you’re turning me on a lot,” he said, “that’s saying something.”
He smirked, then confidently placed his hand on my inner thigh and went straight for my pussy. The smile on my face quickly turned to an open mouthed moan. My head fell back in surrender as he began rubbing me gently, my entire body flushing and growing with heat while his fingers felt cool to the touch. I scraped at his arm with my fingernails like a cat. Mm, he was so muscular—body builder type and completely covered in tattoos—just the way I liked it.
“Mm, talk to me,” he says, “tell me what you want.”
As my eyes grew big, I bit my pinky nail and said, “I wanna taste you.”
Without hesitation, he unbuckled and unzipped his pants. Like a panther, I got into position on all fours. I reached for his boxers and pulled them down, then gripped my hand around the girth of his much needed cock. As I blew him, I felt him get hard for me the stronger I sucked. He had so much pre-cum oozing out and mixing with my spit.
He said, “Get on top of me,” while he was still driving.
“Okay,” I said, then turned my ass to face him and sat down on him sideways.
I began riding his cock while he continued driving, but it was nearly impossible.
“You need to pull over so you can fuck me properly,” I said.
I got off of him and put him back in my mouth, covering his shaft with my spit. He drove into a beautiful parking lot next to a lake just north of Pinedale. He parked his car off to the side in broad daylight and I excitedly hopped back on him.
I slipped him in, then bounced up and down the length of his cock, moaning as I took every inch of him in, watching his face as he told me I was going to make him cum fast. I never minded, in fact, it excited me. I keenly watched his face as I let him blow his load inside of me, releasing a deep grunt. All smiles, I slid him out, then quickly put my panties back on so the cum could fall and soak deep into the fabric. I loved the scent of men’s cum mixing together with my own—intoxicating.
He let me in on a secret that he had a woman whom he had been living with for four years now. She was the one that had called him during the drive while I was in the car—figured that was the case.
He dropped me off at the Jackalope Motor Lodge and I reconnected with the owner! He remembered me and I was so excited to see him again! We were all giggles just like the first time. I loved surprising people and I just felt so happy to be at a place that I adored. I ended up scoring the last available bed for the night!
So, I dropped my stuff off at the bunk, then met a few people that were sitting outside. One guy in particular seemed very much my type—full beard, tall and had a big build. He didn’t seem as though he wanted to be bothered, so I chilled with the other hikers, instead.
They began asking which trail was hardest and I still felt ‘CDT’ was my answer due to the apparent struggle with altitude. There was a guy named Triple H who was laying in the hammock who butted in and agreed. He had come out to hike a section with his friends and also found he greatly struggled with the altitude and needed to get off trail because of that.
Then, I reunited with Sea Wolf! I just loved seeing her face so much! We hugged each other and shared big smiles. Shortly after, we grabbed the hostel bikes and rode to the local brewery to grab a bite to eat. We hung out there for a while and caught up, mainly on the latest topic of boys.
It was a lot of girl talk, which actually felt really nice to experience since I didn’t have many girl friends on the mainland. But, being around Sea Wolf reminded me how much I loved developing feminine relationships in my life. I loved her energy and presence. She was so soft spoken and felt like a very genuine, authentic girl. I was very drawn to that kind of energy, which seemed hard to find, especially in women.
When we got home, I went outside to look at the stars. God, I just loved basking in the energy of Pinedale. It was such a sacred spot for me. I loved the vibe of the west so much more than anywhere else. My heart felt wide open and alive. I smiled when I saw the plethora of bear canisters in the hiker box, bringing back memories of hiking through West Yellowstone and Montana.
Before going to bed, I fantasized about the burly man whom I found really attractive. Apparently, he was hiking with Sea Wolf and his name was Free. My pussy craved for his cock. I wanted to mix his cum with the firefighter’s cum. Instead, I got myself off a couple of times in bed, lost in fantasy about both of them making their way into my bunk to use me up for their own personal pleasure.