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(X-rated) August 12, 2023:
While I started packing my stuff up, I met a guy named Missing Person who was absolutely stoked to be on the CDT. I could tell the trail was in his heart just by the way he spoke about the challenging times he went through, but how he still wanted to persevere.
Before I walked out, he flirtatiously asked, “Is there any way I can convince you to come hike the CDT with me?”
“Tempting,” I said, “but, I feel inspired to hike new trails right now.”
Then, I chatted with Triple H and he said he was headed to Jackson Hole.
“You need help hitching out to there?” I asked.
“Yeah! That would be awesome,” he said, “were you planning on going there?”
“No,” I said, “but, why not?!”
It felt super inspiring to go, so I flowed with it.
Before we stuck our thumbs out, we all decided to go eat breakfast—Sea Wolf, Triple H, Free and I. We ordered cinnamon roll french toast along with some savory meals as we all joined in conversation about random topics, such as tomatoes being vegetables (regardless of what people said), spaghetti dildos and getting tied up in the woods.
My kind of people, I thought.
Then we started bringing up trail names and we all knew the same people from different trails! What a trip.
Free started talking about a girl named Ballsack and Triple H yells, “I love Ballsack!” as there’s a crowd of people surrounding us.
Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at the trail names coming up casually in conversation, another one being Dick Nipples.
Free was the charismatic guy that kept making us laugh. He was the type of guy that was extremely funny without intentionally trying to be.
He would say stuff like, “Yeah, when I’m out on trail, I like to wake up early and start at 8:30, 11ish.”
We all busted out laughing and Sea Wolf goes, “That’s quite a big time difference.”
Then, we got on my favorite topic—trail romances. Free shared his story about being with Ballsack for 4-5 months on trail. The details felt close to home, reminding me of my fling with Voodoo—identical. She was also into shibari, was a pole-dancer and simultaneously experienced a very intense relationship, full of passion and trauma. At the end he expressed how they had a big falling out.
I kept looking over at Sea Wolf and said, “It is crazy how identical this is to my time on the AT this year.”
It was as if he was telling my story verbatim except he made it out to be that the roles were reversed, such like her being the one with the issues. I was paying attention to the way he spoke about her. Although he experienced some very heavy moments, he never bad-mouthed her or put her image down.
Instead, he would say stuff like, “She was just hurting and letting go of her own trauma.”
I could tell that he held a lot of love for her in his heart just by the way he made her out to be despite the circumstances that unfolded.
So, eventually, Sea Wolf and Triple H walked off to make some phone calls and Free and I were left alone at the table.
“I don’t know if you remember me,” he said, “but we exchanged 20 second eye contact at Trail Days in New Mexico this year.” He momentarily paused as I jogged my memory and he continued, “and a month after that, I was asking everyone about you and where I could find the mystery woman I saw at Trail Days.”
I loved how the Universe just brought back people in such magical, unexpected ways.
“Oh yeah, I remember now!” I said, “I was with Bud and Zulu.”
“Yeah,” he said, “I remember that eye contact we had was intense. I told people how I just wanted to find you, tie you up to a tree and spit in your mouth.”
Triple H walked in on our conversation and quickly got up and left to give us space to continue our moment.
“Mm,” I said as I released a blush and flirted, “yeah, I would’ve liked that very much.”
I loved how confident he was speaking to me. It turned me on that he wasn’t all squeamish and nervous. It showed me that he could lead.
“And people know you since you have a reputation,” he said, “I was told you would be the perfect candidate for that.”
I felt I was getting high off the visuals he was insinuating. I wanted him to just tie me up right there on the table, on the umbrella pole, anywhere he wanted so that he could take advantage of me. I loved that he was so very much my type—burly and dark facial features. He appeared like a true masculine man that could hold me down in place if I tried to escape. I got off on that.
It felt so good to feel that freedom of being able to roam around and meet people without feeling as if I was walking on eggshells. I felt like I was off my energetic leash. Free and I didn’t exchange any information, which made me naturally move into a state of letting go. I felt trust that if we were meant to reunite and play out these fantasies of ours, we would. For now, I would tingle at the mere thought of him spitting in my mouth and degrading me as if I was his own personal little slut.
We all said our goodbyes, then Triple H and I started hitching to Jackson Hole. An older gentleman picked us up and said he would take us down a little ways out of town.
He asked where we were from and Triple H says, “Born and raised in Texas.”
The man replied, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”
So, he starts talking about some random man he picked up hitchhiking years ago and how the dude was attempting to get to Michigan so he could visit his brother.
“He had no belongings on him, not even a backpack,” he said.
“Wait,” I said, “you picked me up hitchhiking last year! I remember this story!”
What a synchronistic vortex Pinedale was!
Then, we got stuck in some road construction, so we sat in silence for a bit.
We lost track of what day it was and the man asked, “What day is it today? I believe it’s Thursday.” Quickly, he realized his mistake and followed up, “Wait, Thursday was Thursday. Today is Saturday.”
I didn’t know why Triple H and I found it so funny, but we were nearly in tears from how much we laughed. So, he dropped us off in the middle of the HWY and, within a few minutes, we got picked up and driven straight to Jackson Hole. While we were hitching for that short period of time, we began flirting and it became known that we were into each other through gentle touches and eye contact.
Upon making it to Jackson, the first thing we did was get ice cream and then lay down in the grass. He started stroking my back.
Hm, he’s also confident, I thought to myself.
The only reason I was surprised was because he reminded me so much of my ex-boyfriend, which was the last serious relationship I was in a few years ago. I actually had to tell myself several times that this man was a different person because he was like his doppelgänger in the physical looks and personality, however not in confidence. My ex appeared to have a lot of anxiety, while Triple H seemed to be a natural extrovert.
We thought about getting a bunk to sleep in for the night, but when we walked over to the place and found out the price was $165, I automatically said, “Yeah, fuck that.”
We decided to just roam around for the day and camp out later when it came time for it. We had fun conversations, such as sharing our perspective on dating nowadays.
“There’s an epidemic of loneliness in the world,” Triple H said.
“I could see that,” I said, “people just want to be heard and felt and there’s all these things distracting them from actual true connection.”
Triple H had difficulty in dating because for him it was clear he wanted to go down the path of marriage and raising kids, yet the girls he would often meet were either uninteresting who wanted that, or were more like me (free spirited) but didn’t want that.
“Yeah,” I said, “I could completely understand where that would seem difficult.”
I reminded him that if it was meant to be for him, it would show up without any effort or doing of his own and to hold his vision and boundaries high.
We decided to leave our packs at the Welcome Center so we could go exploring without the weight. Triple H found a patch of grass to lay down in and I melted my body onto the long, damp strands of soft grass, basking in the heat of the sun.
Like children, we began to explore our curiosity. We rolled around into one another, playing with each others hair and gazing into each others eyes. Slowly, we moved our faces closer and began french kissing. It was sweet and I quickly grew aroused by the feeling of his rock hard cock pressed up against my thigh. When I grabbed it, I could feel his veins popping out on his shaft over his shorts.
Perfect cock, I thought to myself.
He got me all riled up and then, we decided to go walk a couple of miles to the movie theatre to watch a movie. When we got there, they expressed that they didn’t have any seats available where we could sit next to each other, so we rolled with it and went to eat Mexican food, instead.
I had a great time, but then I got really turned off that I paid for the bill. I felt like a “buddy” instead of a “woman” every time that occurred. I was still freshly learning how to communicate that I didn’t find it attractive, without coming off as a complete asshole.
Afterwards, we walked to a trail that was close by. It was nearly dark as we walked alongside a creek, then up a hill for about 10-15 minutes until we found a spot right beside the trail, overlooking the city with a backdrop of the mountains.
We cowboy camped and cuddled up close as it began to drop in temperature. Naturally, we started making out and feeling each other up. I found I kept moving in and out of thoughts of Voodoo. I could tell I was moving too fast and that I was only distracting myself with another man as I tried to get over him.
As I was touching him in the dark, I kept thinking to myself, This isn’t Voodoo. It’s not the way he feels. It’s not the way he tastes. It’s not the way he looks.
I kept moving in and out of the moment/experience, but I was trying to be gentle with myself. It seemed there was still some underlying pain in my mind/heart. But then, as I went down to Triple H’s cock, I quickly snapped out of it and fell absolutely in love and wanted to cherish the gift I was given.
Just by holding him in my mouth, I knew right away that he would make me squirt like crazy. And the curvature of his cock—oh my god—the feeling of his veins and how rock hard he was made me want to cherish him fully.
His cock was nearly exploding in my hand; I felt he was going to cum soon. He sat up and made out with me, telling me he wanted a taste of me. Mm, I just didn’t want to stop sucking him, but I wasn’t going to say no to that.
He laid me down and I was actually very pleasantly surprised. He seemed he was more into eating me out than Voodoo was. He used his finger to make me squirt and simultaneously rubbed my clit with his thumb while licking up and down my slit. I was arching my back and moaning, out of breath from each bodily contraction.
“Oh my fucking god,” I said, “you’re really good at this.”
He came up and replied, “I said I was vanilla, not that I didn’t know what I was doing.”
I dropped back down and released a breath of gratitude. I thanked Spirit for showing me that other guys knew what they were doing, too, not just Voodoo. I really had it twisted in my mind that he was the one all, be all.
He slipped his cock into my dripping pussy and both of us were losing our minds from how good it felt. We quickly became drenched in sweat and began shaking from an overload of pleasure. He was hitting the inside of my walls just perfectly. My nipples grew erect as I pulled him closer. He wasn’t able to hold it in for too long, so he asked where I wanted his cum. I opened my mouth and told him I wanted to swallow his load. I hadn’t been spoiled with drinking a man’s cum for quite some time. I jerked him off in my mouth and he came so much. My all time favorite frosting—splattered all throughout my tongue and down my throat—tasting absolutely delicious.
We ended up going round two and he fucked me doggy style. I felt his cock was a perfect fit for my pussy. I could barely keep my composure as he thrusted in and out. Then, I rode him and I squirted on his entire body. It felt exhilarating, as if I was riding out an orgasm while releasing my juices. Yet, my first reaction after it apparently happened was to feel bad. I recalled memories of how Voodoo would react when it got on his stuff, and so I was afraid of the same reaction, but instead he met me with excitement and was extremely turned on. I felt so grateful he was super into it and that he even encouraged it. It made me feel extremely loved that he found my natural bodily fluid releases as sexy.
So, turned out, it was the meteor shower tonight! I loved how the Universe made sure that we would be cowboy camping in the mountains tonight so that we could witness such a miracle. We cuddled up close and watched as one star after another crossed the sky, leaving traces of glittering star dust behind. My eyes welled up with tears of joy. I felt more and more at home with each passing day and each flowing expression, just the same way as the stars passed through the night sky lighting up their path with their own spark.
“You’re like lightning in a bottle,” he whispered to me, “I want to catch you, but I know you’re fleeting and it doesn’t even bother me. I just want to appreciate you while I have you.”