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(X-rated) August 18, 2023:
In the morning, I hitched out to Cascade Locks and I could not shake the smile off of my face when I had arrived. I loved seeing the image of all the thru-hikers passing through, full of adventure and achievement.
Shortly into arriving, Voodoo started reaching out to me and I felt he was specifically doing so because he knew I was going to be at Trail Days. He knew very well it was my playground and that I loved coming out there to meet new people.
Over the phone, he kept saying how much he loved me and I just felt so fed up with his shit. I found myself being really assertive and telling him how I was not into this game, but I guess I was if I still found myself answering unknown numbers knowing very well it could be him.
He started laughing and said, “Baby, come on. I love you and I miss you,” as if completely disregarding what I spoke up about.
His voice really seemed to send me into a whirlwind of emotions.
“This is not love,” I said, “you have shown me numerous times that you don’t truly care about me.”
And so I went to the coffee shop and cried. I talked to Aquaman and he immediately helped lift me up and bring me out of my head space. He reminded me that I hitched all the way from Portland, Maine just to go to Trail Days and celebrate with my fellow hikers. He reminded me of my worth and that I was loved so much more than what scraps and crumbs I was being given. And so I gulped the emotions, wiped the tears and went to venture.
As soon as I started walking around the venue, every other person would ask, “Where’s Voodoo? Where’s your boyfriend?”
I felt as if Spirit was really testing my faith and strength today. I felt annoyed, as if his energy was bombarding my space. He wasn’t even physically beside me, yet I felt as if I couldn’t run away from him. Anger kept arising to the surface so I kept handing it over to God, ebbing and flowing in and out of gratitude and resentment. I kept reminding myself of the practice to forgive—to forgive myself for hurting myself and to forgive the perception I was making out of him.
I took some space for myself on Thunder Island, walking to the very end onto the sand. I saw someone had drawn out a heart near the edge of the water, so I took a breath and found my balance. Then, I walked to the other end and met a very bubbly woman named Piper. She was so beautiful to me—instant woman crush. She was spunky, easy to talk to and very confident in who she was. We both took pictures of each other with the view of the Bridge of the Gods in the background. We did handstands and jumps; Piper even got in the tree and hung on a branch like a monkey!
I felt very solitary today and didn’t feel like hunting much for a potential lover. For one, I hadn’t seen anyone that caught my attention and for two, I felt like being in stillness today. I knew the one I wanted would come without any doing of my own.
So, I went to get a temporary PCT tattoo, then sat down in the middle of the field and attempted to listen to the raffle, but I had trouble focusing on anything when my mind was clouded with lustful thoughts. I felt high on sexual fantasy. It felt like every few seconds I would have to remind myself to bring myself back into the present moment.
As the raffle was going on for about an hour, there was one guy in particular who walked right in front of me who peeked my interest. I blatantly head turned and eye fucked him slowly, smiling as I envisioned tearing off his clothes. He looked like my first spiritual lover back in Hawaii, except with darker features.
Yep, that’s the one, I thought.
After the show was over, I continued to sit there; a predator disguised as prey. Everyone started to disperse and I just watched. He maneuvered through the crowd and came over my way. He squatted down beside me and said he wanted to check out my tattoos.
Got him, I thought to myself.
I loved that he was able to pick up on my energy and be the one to approach me. I looked up at him as he was still in a squatting position while I was leaning back on my hands. He sat down next to me then we talked about the trail. Our legs brushed up against each other as we broke the physical barrier. We were naturally very in sync, both very flirtatious as we wittingly bounced off each others’ comments.
I told him how he was very much my type—dark features, pale skin, dark eyes, long hair—just wanted to devour him. He smiled and said I was very much his type, too. We walked through the vendors to the entrance of Trail Days, sat down on the grass and cuddled up even closer. We looked into each other’s eyes, both insinuating we wanted the same thing. Leaning in, we began making out as people around us walked by and watched.
“Mm, you are a little succubus exhibitionist, aren’t you?” he asked as his lips parted from mine.
I let out a mischievous giggle then grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in closer. He unzipped my shirt slightly to get a peek of my tits while allowing others a little peek, too. I loved that he was an exhibitionist, himself and that he made a move on me so quickly. The less I knew him, the better.
As he walked me to Thunder Island, he unzipped my shirt more and more until it was a deep v, nearly exposing my nipples. I felt like I was becoming his own personal slut/slave. He took me to his two person tent and didn’t have the rainfly on. Once he got me in, he took my shirt off and placed my hand on top of my pussy, insinuating for me to touch myself while he watched.
I told him I would prefer to have the rainfly on. There was a group of women beside us and it just wasn’t a turn on. I always preferred it to be men watching. He understood, so he put it on as I rubbed my clit for him.
He came back in and started nibbling on my nipples, biting them until I would squeal. I felt aggressive in my nature, so I mounted him as he quickly slipped a condom on. I never argued with a guy if he wanted to wear one, but it wasn’t my preference. I wanted to feel his raw, throbbing essence.
My mission was to stuff my pussy with his cock, so I slipped him in immediately. My head fell back with an orgasmic breath as I let out a moan and dug my nails into his chest. Now, him growing aggressive in his nature, he let out a grunt, wrapped his arm around my waist and flipped me onto my back and gave me every inch of his cock with a deep thrust. My eyes rolled back as I moaned in a relaxed, surrendered orgasmic bliss. He fucked me hard, watching my reaction as he gave it to me deep. He turned me over on my stomach, choking me out as he unleashed his dominance on me, cumming deep inside of me. I felt him shaking and pulsating. My mouth was full of drool.
I turned around, got on my knees and removed the condom as I dripped the cum back onto his cock such like frosting. Slowly, I licked it up as it dripped down the girth of his cock. I never cared how long men lasted, as long as I got the gift of their seed, I was replenished. Yet, once I received what I wanted, I seemed to grow cold in a man’s presence, letting them energetically known the game was over.
Before I went to bed, we went on a walk to the restaurant so we could grab a bite to eat. The crowd was big, especially outside on the patio. As we waited in line for a burger, I met a girl who lived in Hawaii. I figured she was from there because her name was Island Time. We bonded.
As we ate our meals, we watched the hikers dance. It wasn’t the vibe I was looking for so I didn’t partake. Something about alcohol being involved seemed to energetically turn me off from wanting to dance. So, we went to the store and he bought sugar cookie cookie dough, tortilla chips and licorice candy. We sat on the stone ledge outside of the store as we munched on the snacks.
On our walk back to the tent, he unzipped my shirt again with my boobs nearly falling out in the eyes of the public. He perched me up on a ledge and made out with me. Then, he pinned me up against a tree as he pushed his bulge into me. We got back to his tent and he told me he was going to fuck me like I was his personal little sex toy. That was how I listened and became turned on—through demands. Gladly, I took his cock from behind. He flipped me over to my back with my legs crossed over to the side, hitting the spot for both of us, causing me to squirt. This time he was generous and let me swallow his entire hot load of cum.