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December 16-17 2023, West Sabine Hut to Blue Lake Hut:
We took one zero day in West Sabine Hut. We sat around and read books all day, took naps, tended the fire and talked about our love lives. Mountain Ninja wanted to know about the latest trail drama of this year or past of ones, such as who snuck out of whos tent and who fell in love with who.
I laughed and said, “I got plenty of those stories.”
We asked Ben about his love life and he said, “Don’t have one.” He sat across the table and tucked his knees into his chest as he looked out the window. “By 33 I thought I was going to be married and having kids and now look at me. I’m sitting in a hut waiting out the rain.”
We all laughed hysterically at the situation. It reminded me of the movie Breakfast Club. It was truly funny watching the way life panned out, but we all agreed there was nowhere we would rather be.
Eventually, people started making their way in, ones that were crazy enough to go over the pass in heavy wind and rain. An Italian guy removed his wet shirt, then immediately went to make himself a fine cuisine meal—pasta with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables. I was sitting in the top bunk watching him as he was right below me.
“Seems we got a professional chef amongst us,” I said.
He laughed then went to complain about Italian food never measuring up to his standards when he was traveling.
Everyone laid out their clothes to dry over the line and placed their shoes upright along the fireplace. Ben drew a graffiti art piece on Lenses Hyperlite camera pod.
Dinner time came and we all sat together and made our separate meals. People were in awe of what Orange was making—grilled cheese on a biscuit delicately cooked over his propane stove. Lenses began taking photos with her camera, studying it, staring at it closely as it turned to a golden crisp color. The cheese melted off the sides, the butter dripped.
“It look so good,” she said with her mouth watering.
Orange and I laughed.
“You guys are hilarious,” I said, “it’s like the shittiest food you can eat. Ya’ll are just hungry right now after having been in the woods for three days.”
Still, we gave some to Lenses because she was visibly obsessed. She would take the smallest bite, close her eyes and savor the taste as best she could.
“Wow,” she said as her eyes opened up, gleaming with delight and slight arousal.
I gave most of my food away to the community because they didn’t have enough and I felt I had carried too much. I planned for 8 days in case I was going to take zero days, which I was glad I did because that ended up happening. I threw candy, peanut butter packets along with several kines of meals. Ninja hugged me in gratitude when I gave her some spicy Japanese noodle soup which happened to be her favorite.
“Trail Angel in the middle of the woods,” she said.
I recalled numerous times when people helped me out with food, both on the road and on trail. “I’ve been in this situation so many times, don’t even worry about it,” I said.
We went to bed shortly after. In the middle of the night we heard kiwis screeching, making everyone turn and rustle in their sleep.
The following day, everyone except for Mountain Ninja, decided we would take the chance and go over the pass. I had planned to get an early start but when I woke up to terrential downpour and heavy winds, I thought I’d sleep in for a while longer. We took our clothing off the lines and put on our dry shoes, which wouldn’t stay dry for long.
We started hiking in the rain, naturally forming a group—Orange, the Japanese girls and I. I was so grateful it worked out that way because it ended up getting dangerous pretty fast. We were walking upstream through the flooded river. The rain only grew heavier, our extremities stayed cold as the water fully soaked through our clothing.
Despite the weather being rainy, I couldn’t fathom the beauty I was experiencing through my eyes. Goosebumps. The views quickly expanded to reveal tall mountain peaks and surrounding views of cascading waterfalls.
How could it get better than this? I thought to myself.
It was one of my favorite days on trail. During the trek, I had a deeper understanding of ACIM’s explanation of the quote, “I am never upset for the reason I think.” Just a couple of days ago, I convinced myself that my day sucked and I was crying because it was raining and cold, yet today was visibly worse and it was one of my favorite days on trail ever. It had nothing to do with my circumstances, but everything to do with choice.
Orange Man was the perfect guide as well. The river crossings were unlike any I had experienced on the other trails. When we first started, he told me that the PCT crossings were nothing in comparison to the TA’s. He was right.
“It only gets worse the higher we go,” he said.
How could it be? I thought to myself.
I hoped that maybe he wasn’t remembering correctly, but then we came across an intense one that looked nearly impossible to cross.
Orange yelled over the stream. “We can eitha cross here or bushwhack up the hill! Which would ya guys prefer?!”
Fear in our eyes. “Safe,” Lenses says.
We trekked through the bushes and got to avoid that one, however shortly after we came across an even worse one. A waterfall stream dropped straight down into the river, roaring and tumbling over slippery rocks.
My legs grew weak and I shook my head ‘no.’ Orange nodded his head ‘yes.’ His calmness helped relax me into taking a step into a sense of danger. He was our leader for the day. He would be the first to go into the crossings, tapping his sticks roughly into the water to find stability. Once he found it, he would guide us on where to place our feet for very stable footing. Next, he would stand behind and let us cross in front of him as he pushed our body weight forward against the current. He would hold each of our hands as we walked past, such like damsels in distress. I was so attracted to that energy. He felt like such a man in those moments—leading and making sure we were all safe. We all expressed that we would have turned around if we were alone, claiming we would have died without him. Ladies man, all the way!
We grew colder, and at this point we were soaked to the bone, yet we were unable to stop ourselves from staring at what vastness of beauty surrounded us. It was undeniably one of the most incredible views I had ever seen.
We made it to the hut and walked in to find old and new faces. The Italian guy was there whom I had met last night. God, he was so handsome. I loved his imperfect teeth and Italian accent. Made my pussy dilate.
I made sure to get undressed in front of him as I changed into dry clothes, returning the favor of when he took his shirt off in front of me.
I sat by the fire as I attempted to get warm. I got to talking with him and asked him to say something in Italian for me. He said something naughty, I knew it, because as he was speaking he was simultaneously fucking me with his eyes. He smiled and blushed while I stared at him intensely, as if he knew he just got caught in the act of being dirty.
“My turn,” I said with a mischievous smile.
In Lithuanian I told him I was thinking how sexy he would look from the view of me being on my knees and staring up at him. I made sure to retrieve a blush back to him. He responded with raised eyebrows, curious to what I just said but I wouldn’t give it away. (I would masturbate to this moment later)
We both started laughing, then I said, “Let’s have a full conversation with each other speaking different languages!”
So, he started speaking Italian and I started responding in Lithuanian, both of us letting out deep belly laughs in between spaces.
Lenses caught on and asked, “Can you guys understand wah you say to each otha?”
“Not at all,” I said, wiping the tears of joy from the corners of my eyes.
“I wanna play!” she exclaimed.
Then we had a three way conversation in Lithuanian, Italian and Japanese. Our faces flushed red as we tilted our heads back in roaring laughter. Eventually, the others caught on. By the time we knew it more people joined and we were in a full nonsensical conversation now with German, Dutch and French languages! What a trip it was to witness how humans had the ability to speak multiple languages.
We all ate dark chocolate together as we half ass discussed our route for tomorrow.
“Yeah I think I’m going to leave early,” Ben said, “but I say this all the time and it never happens.”
I soaked some coos coos, then asked the group, “What’s the difference between spaghetti, macaroni and pasta?”
“What’s the difference?” the Italian guy asked from the other side of the room, clearly offended. “I’ll be right over to explain it to you.”
We all laughed then began to discuss possible plans about hiking as a group for safety tomorrow due to a big river crossing after the pass.
The Italian guy sits down, gestures to be heard and says, “Pasta is—“
We all busted out laughing because we had already forgotten about the subject and were speaking about something entirely different. Regardless, he went on to explain in full depth all of the different types of pastas and spaghettis along with their various cuts and shapes. He felt relieved after doing so.
Everyone took a nap at around the same time. Funny how when we were kids, we were indifferent to such a thing and now adults didn’t even have to be told to take one, they would simply be happy to have the opportunity to do so. I woke up to the sound of girls laughing and playing a card game called ‘Bullshit.’
Before going to bed, my tramily walked to Blue Lake together. I came shortly after, walking over barefoot to find Orange taking a cold plunge while the Japanese girls were photographing the stillness of the water backdropped with the now freshly revealed mountain ranges.
After we came back to the hut, we all taught each other the basic words for each of our languages: hello, goodbye, thank you. The Italian guy asked Lenses if the numbers were the same as the American ones. She nodded ‘yes,’ but explained they had symbols for them.
“Alright, write 567,” he said.
She pulled out her notepad and began to write the symbols out slowly. After she made three intricate symbols, she began to write out two more after that.
He watched in disbelief and yelled, “Why?!“
We all roared with laughter.