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December 18 2023, Blue Lake Hut to Stealth Site:
We started early so we could make it up and over Waiau Pass at a reasonable time. It was cloudy when we started but eventually everything opened up. We were happy to see the blue sky slowly making its way in again. Out of all the rainy days I had experienced in my years of hiking, I remembered to never take the sun for granted. To this day, that was still true. I loved and appreciated the sun immensely. It provided inner warmth and an outer glow.
Through the mist, we saw waterfalls from every corner of the valley falling in between rocky crevices. As the clouds lifted even more, a big lake was revealed. At the rocky shoreline, I excitedly collected feathers and placed them in everyone’s hair and strapped them onto our backpacks as a good luck token and a reminder to stay light and free!
We walked through mushy meadow marshes and crossed streams numerous times, in lazy attempt to keep our feet dry. Then, Orange pointed to a barely visible scurry trail that led straight up the mountain.
“That’s where we’re goin’,” he said.
“Of course it is,” I said, quickly accepting the fact that the trail was going to be like this for the rest of the TA.
The climb was difficult, however we paced ourselves very well, taking breaks often to look back at the view behind us which turned more magnificent each time we ascended a few feet. The clouds were nearly melted away and what was shown were massive mountain peaks, some of which had snow scattered throughout the peaks. Below, the lake appeared crystal clear and reflective, not a single ripple to be seen in the water. The streams flourished out of the edges as if it were mother earth’s veins kissing the foreign land.
Upon making it to the top, it felt as if we were in a small jet plane, overlooking New Zealand’s riches. We made a sacrifice by throwing all of the feathers into the air and watching them fly away. Freedom.
The descent down the pass was intense yet invigorating. There were small patches of snow that we took pictures in to make it look like we were alpinists. We had to throw our trekking poles over rock faces numerous times in order to use our hands to rock scramble our way down them. Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy.
“I wanna go first!” I exclaimed when Orange momentarily hopped in front of me.
“Okay Miss Alpinist,” he teased.
All day I felt extremely inspired by Marc-André and the way he moved across mountains so elegantly. I thought about the way he paid such close attention to detail of where he placed his feet and hands, purely inspired by Spirit and his inner guidance. Straight away, I had an inspired vision and asked Orange Man for a video request, specifically from a low angle, zooming in on my feet as I walked along the extremely sharp and jagged rocks. I requested him to capture the three points of contact in hiking and how detailed each step had to be, the way one had to sometimes interlock their foot in odd, weird positions for stability before making the next move.
The first video take and the very first step I took, I nearly ate shit as the rocks crumbled beneath my feet and I screamed.
“Only you would step on a rock that has been there for thousands of years unmoved and suddenly rip it outta the ground,” he said.
The second video take, I walked along a sharp ridge line that in person appeared very steep, but upon seeing the clip I nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard. I had asked for a full zoom shot on my feet but instead he had captured a full body shot of me tiptoeing along the crest of some random rock. I looked like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, tiptoeing around the place.
Right before he cut the video, all he said was, “Perfect.”
The video I got of him prior was running up the same jagged rock, nearly slipping and not at all capturing what I was visualizing in my mind’s eye.
Since we were on the cinematography streak, I decided it would be the perfect spot to capture a video of my friend’s freeze dried meal brand, ReadyWise. I chose the freeze dried cookie dough dessert snacks. I squatted down, opened the bag and lifted it over my face, then let them fall into my mouth. The second bite fell down my throat which I accidentally choked on and spat out.
It was followed by Orange Man zooming in on the product and saying, “ReadyWise. Cookie dough desserts. Available now, in all stores.”
That was the only way I would ever even think about sponsoring someone is if I could be completely silly about it.
After our film session, we continued our descent, basically running down the mountain for fun. We spotted a kea flying above us which Orange said was very rare to see. The river crossings were about to begin. I didn’t really think too much about it anymore. I was getting used to them being a big part of the TA.
Eventually, the French girl who had passed us earlier in the day was now standing waiting for us by the river.
“Would it bother you guys if I tagged along?” she asked shyly.
I could sense she was nervous about crossing.
“Oh my god, of course not!” I said reassuringly. “Please join us.”
I was so grateful she actually asked for help when she felt she needed it. I loved when people did that and I knew exactly how hard it was to do so.
The majority of the day, it felt like I couldn’t stop thinking about Voodoo. I was my own worst enemy by giving thoughts of him power to infiltrate my mind.
Is this what it would be like for the rest of my sex life?
Am I going to compare him to every other guy?
Am I going to think about how much he made me cum and how virile he was?
It’s sickening, really. I wanted Orange to lead the group all day just so I could fantasize about Voodoo’s cock and nothing else. That way I didn’t have to focus on where I was guiding the group. It was mind blowing how much of the inspiration towards hiking was directly correlated to the possibility of getting cock, or at the bare minimum, fantasizing about all of my past lovers. I would play out stories of my favorite cumshots, blowjobs and facials. It would give me a sort of high. I loved the way my pussy would naturally throb as I reminisced, nearly feeling like an orgasm itself. I entertained the thought about fucking Orange, but in the end, I simply wasn’t attracted to him like that. Even if I was, I valued our friendship more than I did getting myself off. I knew my tendencies and the way I would apparently act with him afterwards. In the end, I felt rejecting him would hurt less than leading him on.
When I made it to Waiau Hut, I read a log entry that Ben wrote: Low on food but high on life.
Truth. Turned out, I didn’t pack enough food. Well I did, but then I gave it away to the hikers figuring they might need it more than me, so I began to ration.
At one point near the end of the day we got lost and realized we had to get on the other side of a fence. Somewhere along the way we had missed our turnoff. Orange hopped over first.
“Careful,” he said as his shorts got caught, “there’s barbed wire.”
“I like barbed wire,” I said mischievously.
“I know ya do,” he said.
Lenses had more of a struggle climbing over since she was much shorter than us. We told her to step onto Orange’s thigh and he would help her over. She hesitated numerous times in fear of losing balance, but eventually found the courage to do it and made it over fine.
We made it down to the bottom of the valley. I led the group for a little bit since it was flat and easy, yet every time I turned around, Orange and Lenses were behind me, sweating and panting.
“I like the pace you walk,” I said to Orange, implying I wanted him to lead again.
“Yeah, unlike you, I’m tryna be considerate by makin’ the pace comfortable fo everyone involved,” he said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Ya do realize we’re runnin’ behind ya?”
It was starting to get dark and we were beginning to trip over our steps.
“I don’t know about you guys but I’m feelin’ pretty focked,” Orange said during our last stretch of the day.
I laughed and decided I was pretty spent, myself. We set up camp in the meadow and immediately hopped inside our tents because of the ravenous sandflies. I heated up a coconut curry freeze dried meal while Orange made some grilled cheese sandwiches then called it a night.