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December 19 2023, Stealth Site to Magdalen Hut:
I felt solitary again today so I left a bit early to get a head start and have the morning to myself. There was a thick fog in the air and a scent of water nearby. I made out images through the mist of barn houses with horses running around and naked trees that appeared as dancing sculptures. Seagulls flew at eye level then swooped down to the daisies alongside the country road. And, although not walking on sand, the energy of the area reminded that of the Oregon Coast.
Time alone slipped away when Orange and Lenses showed up at Anne Hut not too long after me while I was in the middle of reading my book. We ate some snacks then trekked on together.
We took kratom before climbing up Anne Saddle, which really wasn’t much of a climb. We were surprised that Lenses was so open to taking substances that she wasn’t familiar with. From then on out she was commenting on how high/hyper aware she felt high and the way pain in her body ceased to exist.
At one point during our walk, a dragonfly flew up to Orange’s eyes as if studying him for a few seconds, so close that he nearly went cross eyed trying to look back at it. Then, it landed on Lenses arm before taking flight.
“It’s a message from your loved one!” I said.
Along the trek, I picked goose feathers again, thinking I would leave them somewhere in the hut for some natural decoration. Orange cut blades of large grasses that resembled aloe vera and placed the gel on his back to help subside the heated chafing rash he received.
The hut we were going to for the night was a little bit off trail. We had a small river crossing prior to getting there and it was pretty low so Orange hopped across the marshes while I chose to rock hop. I spotted a large one to stand on so I gave him a sly look as I hopped onto it for balance, but then it tumbled over causing me to fall into the water.
I laughed and said, “I’m really surprised how I ended up a hiker. I am one of the clumsiest, daintiest people ever and I chose a sport that requires constant balance and movement.”