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December 23 2023, Hope Kiwi Lodge to Hurunui No. 3 Hut:
Today the elevation was pretty flat for the most part as we continued up the valley. None of us felt that talkative today, yet the silent streak was broken pretty early on. We had missed a sharp turn off that would get us on the other side of a wire fence. We decided it would be quickest to go under the fence and find the nearest pole marker.
“Is it electrical?” I asked Orange.
“I’m not sure,” he said.
“Why don’t we throw a stick at it?” I asked.
He ripped off the head of a wheat grass and threw it on there but nothing happened.
“I wouldn’t risk it,” he said.
He took his pack off, threw it under the fence, then did an impressive tuck and roll to the other side. Lenses made her move without taking her pack off. She made it under fine until Ikra decided to go at the same time and accidentally fell onto the metal wire causing it to fall on Lenses. I figured the fence wasn’t electric, so as the line moved back into position, I crossed over with it being less than an inch underneath my yoni. Lenses was still laying in the fetal position on the grass. Apparently when the wire touched her, it shocked her!
“I got hit!” Lenses said several seconds later.
“What?!” I shouted, realizing I almost shocked my own self. “How did it feel?!”
“It wa like pow!” she exclaimed while gesturing her hands in an explosive manner. “I tink I blackout. I don’ know fo how long.”
After she recovered, we meandered our way back into the woods and walked directly through piles of slippery mud. It was going to happen sooner or later. In the end, I found it required less energy to simply step through rather than make into an obstacle course of some sort. I ended up falling into a bog, having my shoe nearly get stuck in the suctioning force as I attempted to pull myself out. I loved how slapstick comedy was the type of entertainment we received all throughout the day. So innocent but always brought about genuine smiles.
We walked over a long swing bridge to the other side of the water and walked up the mountain to the natural hot springs. Upon first view it was absolutely magical. Honestly, it was better than what I had pictured in my mind. It felt as if we walked upon a treasure in the forest. There was a hot waterfall that led down to a natural tub area for 3-4 people. Naturally, I got naked and hopped in right after Orange. Apparently it was his first time ever soaking in a hot spring.
“If you ever come back to America, I’ll take you to all the hot springs,” I said to him.
I enjoyed the murkiness of the water, the algae that floated on the surface and the slimy texture of it that I would later use to moisturize my body. Murky water would form as we moved around the water. It felt earthy and divine, yet I barely lasted more than 15 minutes as it was too hot for my liking and we were getting attacked by sandflies.
Orange went to do a cold plunge in the river while the girls and I got dressed. Lenses grabbed her water bottle and began squirting her yoni bush, washing off any earthly remnants.
“Dirty,” she said.
Once we left the hot springs, it began to lightly trickle down rain until we made it to the hut. By that time it began pouring rain.
“How would you girls feel about me getting a fire started?” Orange Man asked.
Our faces lit up! He chopped and gathered a bunch of wood and got one started immediately. I felt so exhausted that I knocked out just after 6pm. I loved waking up throughout the night to hear Orange tending to the fire. The crackling of the wood and the pitter patter of the rain hitting the hut brought me into an even deeper sleep.