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(X-rated due to language) January 12 2024, East Ahuriri Hut to Top Timaru Hut:
Last night a couple of hikers showed up late and decided to set up their tents. I wondered how they slept outside because I felt the hut was going to blow straight out of the ground from how windy it was. If I were them, I would’ve ran inside for a more stable shelter, especially when there were still two beds available. Maybe they hadn’t experienced their tent getting ripped apart to shreds.
I got the vibe that Lenses and I both wanted to hike alone today so I left a couple of minutes before her and didn’t see her for the rest of the day. I ran into a couple of NOBO hikers who let me know the Ahuriri River crossing was at an all time low, but still offered me an alternate way to cross so it would be only shin deep. It was funny because I didn’t even know there was a river crossing. I really preferred to hike in a way in which I didn’t know what was coming because I was much more inclined to relax and go with the flow rather than psych myself out over future events. I enjoyed being surprised and felt I would think more logically in the moment of an occurrence rather than preparing for it. The most planning I liked to do was figuring out how much food I needed for a section, the rest I wanted to come in the moment.
I crossed the river directly on the trail and it was up to my upper thigh. Near the end I started to get a bit shaky, but I just brought my attention to focused stillness and foot placement, taking deep breaths while doing so. I made it over okay, then walked to the edge of a steep crumbly rock face and thought to myself this can’t be the trail. Sure enough it was. When I looked up, there was an orange trail marker poking right up at the tippy top as if mocking me.
I scrambled up, then walked a little ways to the car park and took a break before I started the gentle ascent up Martha Saddle. I snacked on some sour cream and chives chips and ate a decent amount of dried apricots, knowing very well they gave me explosive diarrhea.
It started to get really hot and I started contemplating the idea of going skinny dipping. I waited until there was a dip in the trail beside the river. As I turned the corner, I saw a handsome man who had the same idea of skinny dipping. I smirked. He stood there naked, looking delicious. A couple seconds later, he caught me staring and quickly hid behind the bushes. He came out a few seconds later wearing some light grey boxer briefs.
“Hey!” I said, as I approached closer. “Mind if I join?”
“Of course not,” he said with a friendly smile and an accent that was from another country.
I threw my pack off and the first thing I did was take my top off in front of him… then my shorts… and finally my panties. He smiled as I walked into the river, showing me a little pool that I could swim in. It was directly in his line of vision so I meandered over to it, dunked under the water and arose, taking a breath of warm air.
“It’s sooo cold!” I yelled as I shivered my body, doing so only to shake my tits for him.
I drenched my hair and walked over to where he was sitting and plopped down on the rocks only a few inches away from him. He took a breath and grew nervous in his demeanor. He was from Israel, also hiking the TA but going NOBO. After a few minutes of conversing and him having difficulty holding eye contact, he decided to dunk in the water. He took off his shorts in front of me then dove in. He quickly arose out of the water and flipped his wet hair sharply and sexily.
I studied his body, watching as the water droplets fell down his golden dark skin, rolling off his abdomen. He had burnt umber, nearly black body hair and his happy trail was thick, but his bush even thicker. I raised my eyebrows in delight. He caught me biting my lip as I stared at his naked cock.
“Do you…” he began to ask me something, but at that point his cock was about 2’ away from my face and I was moments away from grabbing at it.
“Hello? Freyja?” he asked, waiting for my response as he tasseled his hair.
“Oh w-what? I’m sorry. I got distracted,” I said, acting coy and intimidated by his presence when I was anything but.
He laughed while raising his eyebrows. He didn’t take the bait, instead he said, “You are a cool girl, Freyja. A very, very cool girl.”
We both went to get dressed and he gave me one last smirk before he left. One thing I wouldn’t ever do with men was beg, unless I was naked kneeling before their cock that was already in my mouth. Only then would I be begging, and it would be to get fucked. In the art of seduction, desperation was repulsive to the other party.
Upon making it to the hut, it was early and blazing hot so I went to bathe in the river again while I waited for Lenses. Then, I made some food and meditated for nearly an hour. She walked in on me sitting there with my eyes closed and my hands resting on my knees, palms facing up. I felt still and in a state of peace. I opened my eyes to the sound of her camera flickering open, smiling at the sight of her.
Before going to bed, I pulled out my grey braided rope and made a macramé plant holder for the hut. It was the perfect time and place to make one. The hut was covered in hooks that were out of the wind and out of the way of peoples heads. After I finished making it, I went to collect rocks at the river, searching for ones that would fit best in the fabric basket for the most magical effect.