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(X-rated) January 14 2024, Pakituhi Hut to Lake Hawea Village:
We woke up early to beat the rain as best we could. I felt we left at the perfect time because we got to see the sunrise at the very start of its rising. The descent was extremely steep and technical, but nothing we couldn’t handle. If anything, we were getting slammed around by the sudden winds and not so much the terrain. We made light of it by screaming along with the blows—I told her it helped ease the intensity of the experience.
We walked alongside a stoney shoreline once we made it to the base of the mountain. Initially we planned to hitchhike, however it was so beautiful and the weather was still holding up nicely so I suggested we keep walking. We saw rainbows pop out and met dayhikers on their stroll who were happy to see us doing something such like a thru-hike.
When we made it to the road we attempted to hitch to Wanaka however after over a mile of walking, no one seemed to want to give us a ride. I started to out-walk Lenses because I could sense I was withering away from being so hungry. The cafe was right around the corner and I saw her in the distance still attempting to hitch. I looked at her and aggressively motioned a big ‘X’ with my arms, letting her know to stop right that second.
I cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled, “No! Lenses, no! I need to eat! I am so hungry! Do not hitchhike right now!”
She started laughing and caught up to me, saying how drastically I changed when I didn’t have food in my stomach. The rain started pouring down hard the moment we stepped into the cafe. I saw a couple of guys whom I had met at St Arnaud sitting at a table so we went to join them. Their names were Holden and Kasper. We caught up and they suggested we check out the hotel a couple blocks down the road, couldn’t beat the price. I was all in and felt super resonant with the idea.
After a couple hours of waiting out the rain, Lenses and I decided to start walking to the hotel to check it out.
When I saw it, I said, “Yannoe honestly, intuitively I feel like staying here. I don’t know why, but I can just feel it.”
I backed out of hitchhiking to Wanaka. Something about the area felt super cozy and the town itself I really resonated with. We were starting to walk inside when all of a sudden we spotted two boys waving at us from inside the bar. I thought we might know them so we went in to say hello to them. Turned out we didn’t know them, they were just fellow travelers, specifically bike-packers. They were cycling the whole length of the South Island and had around 15 km left to go today to get to Wanaka.
They were so attractive, so young, probably in their early 20s. One was from France and the other from Switzerland. Before I met them I was on my way to book a room, but after chatting with them, I walked back outside to the road.
“Well, looks like we’re going to Wanaka,” I said.
Lenses was bent over nearly pissing herself laughing. “You change your mind so fast,” she said, “you were so sure that you would stay there. You said, ‘Honestly…’”
“Get used to it,” I joked.
We got a hitch really fast, however upon entering the city, it had energetically felt too much for me. It was big, touristy and a little bit intense for my liking. They dropped us off at the hostel where we planned to stay at for the night and upon walking inside I just didn’t vibe with the energy. The lighting was super bright white, similar to that of a hospital. The people weren’t that inviting and it was double the price.
As we were about to pay for the night, I told Lenses I would be hitching back to Hawea. She seemed a little caught off guard, not surprised as I seemed to change my mind so suddenly. We said our goodbyes and I walked over to the intersection.
Within a couple of seconds, I got picked up by an extremely handsome older gentleman. He had a thick kiwi accent and looked like a silver fox. His hair was snow white with slight streaks of grey.
“I saw ya walkin’ in town earlier so decided to give ya a ride,” he said.
Normally I didn’t feel drawn to kiwis, however the depth of his voice and sound of his accent was doing something to my pussy. His tone had me whipped. I told him where I would be staying at for the night and he said his friend was the singer for the live band that would be playing at the hotel tonight.
“I’ll make sure to check her out,” I said.
He was a writer just like me except he wrote for separate companies. He had a wife whom he spoke a little bit about. I didn’t really entertain the idea of her too much, instead drifted the topic of conversation into a more sexual tone. The way I looked at him, the way I spoke to him, I made sure to inject subtle sexual implications with a dash of innocent curiosity—maybe a possible secret adventure that his wife wouldn’t have to know about.
Next thing I knew he was dropping me off after a short ride. I gave him a sticker that had my website on it, gently touching his shoulder for a couple of seconds extra as I handed it to him. For the next couple of hours I was telepathically telling him to reach out to me.
I got to the hotel and met what seemed to be the manager. Turned out he was a former PCT hiker, class of 2016. His trail name was Cookie Monster. I was also feeling drawn to come back to the hotel just because of how he sounded over the phone. He was very inviting, nonchalant and had a ‘go with the flow, however it goes is fine’ personality, which I really vibed with. He gave really big discounts for TA hikers, even saying that he wasn’t making any sort of profit from doing so, if anything he was losing money. I felt so grateful for his generosity as it was the first place that actually catered so much to hikers and cut prices. It was highly appreciated, especially as a solo hiker. He gave me a private bedroom in the staff housing part of the building.
I smiled sweetly and asked, “What about laundry?”
He chuckled and said, “Oh, so about that, we actually don’t have laundry on site and I know that for TA hikers it is especially needed.” He pushed off the edge of the table in his rolling chair then lifted a finger. “But let me see what I can do for you.”
He walked away to go talk to some of the employees to see if I could do laundry at the facility, then came back and said, “Okay, I got something figured out for you. Meet the chef in the hostel kitchen at 4pm and he’ll guide you to the facilities.”
I thanked him graciously. I loved when people did things for me that they normally wouldn’t do. So, I met up with the chef and boy, was he cute, too! He showed me everything and gave me the key to the facility, then asked me to return it back at reception when I was done. Wish he would’ve fucked me right there on the laundry machine, cleaning my pussy with his wet lips.
After laying down for a few hours in my bed, I decided to get up and go meet some people, in hopes of getting laid, preferably by someone who would last more than 15 seconds.
I walked down to meet the bartender who was apparently a Lithuanian guy on a working holiday visa! We chatted some and it felt good to connect with people from my country. I couldn’t believe he was Lithuanian. He looked nothing like one. He was tall, dark and so handsome with a deep voice and stunning eyes. I would’ve definitely fucked him. I was so horny that I couldn’t help but be a flirt with anyone I found even remotely attractive there. He gave me a free pop, then I went outside to look for a possible candidate to take care of my aching pussy.
Immediately upon walking outside, I spotted two guys drinking together listening to the live band. The one that caught my eye was a rugged man with tiresome eyes who appeared to be in his thirties. He looked like Matthew McConaughey except with heavier bags underneath his eyes and curlier, thicker hair. His skin was dry and dirty. His shirt had stains on it, nearly looking like pure hiker trash. He took an under glance at me then pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. He casually looked away from me as he exhaled small puffs of smoke, grabbing the cigarette nonchalantly between his fingers. My knees grew a bit weak.
That’s the one, I thought to myself.
I made it seem as if he was the one to spot me and take interest first. I stood in the middle of the patio and rested my drink on the bar stool as I did some casual stretches. There were some guys sitting at the table next to me. I studied their appearance. Cyclists.
“Are you guys cycling?” I asked one of the guys.
“Yes, just finished doing this section from Wanaka. You?”
“Backpacking,” I said.
I made sure the other guys overheard me so they might be intrigued to start a conversation with me. The cyclists finished their beer then left and I took their spot. I took my shoes off, perched my feet on the wooden bench and began to massage my calves. Suddenly, the older gentleman sitting with the rugged looking guy turned around to look at me.
“And how are you doing today, young lady?” he asked.
“Oh I am just absolutely amazing,” I said.
“Best way to be,” he said, then offered his hand for me to shake. “I’m Kerry.”
“I’m Freyja,” I said. “And who’s your friend over there?”
He smiled sweetly at me. “I’m Jason,” he said as he raised his eyebrows and took another sip of his beer.
“Pleasure to meet you two,” I said.
Kerry asked me if I was traveling and I said yes. Them two were both from the states but met in New Zealand through jujitsu. I kept trying to bring Jason into the conversation but he was a lot more timid and to himself. Still, he was the one I wanted out of everyone in the room. I would’ve fucked his friend Kerry, too, but didn’t get the vibe he would be open for a threesome.
I decided to make my presence more known. I stood in front of their table, leaning closer into Jason so he could pick up on my pheromones along with the cinnamon bun essential oil I had lathered behind my ears earlier.
“Mind if I join you?” I asked, tilting my head at a 15° angle with an inviting smile.
“Of course not,” Kerry replied, “let me get you a seat.”
As he went to get one, I gave Jason the eyes that I was notoriously known for seducing men with. While Kerry was momentarily gone, I would turn it up a notch.
I tasseled his hair flirtatiously. “You look like a sexy surfer dude with those kine of locks.” I bit my lip. “Mm, it just looks so sexy on you.”
He smiled, not knowing what to say back. Kerry returned and I offered him the same eyes.
“Would you guys like a beer?” he asked, then looked at my pop. “Or a coke?”
“Coke sounds great,” I said.
“Beer for me,” Jason said.
He walked away again. I rested my chin elegantly on my fingers.
He pulled out another cigarette and said, “You’re really cute yourself,” then lit it up and inhaled.
I clenched.
“I love watching you smoke,” I said.
“Oh really?” he asked.
“Yes, it’s an aphrodisiac for me.”
“Good to know,” he said with a smirk.
I studied him with dirty thoughts running through my mind.
“Look, I need to be honest with you,” he said, “I smoked some weed with my buddy and I am really high right now and I really didn’t expect a beautiful girl to come up to my table right now and tell me I have sexy surfer hair.”
I giggled. “You’re not upset, are you?”
“No,” he said, “but you are making me nervous.”
I could tell he was a lot more nervous than he was letting on to be because his lip would quiver here and there or he would try to get me to break eye contact. I wouldn’t allow for it. I liked watching men squirm and get all uncomfortable around me—easier to ply.
I excused myself from the table to go to the bathroom, but really it was only to see if the married silver fox man had contacted me. Viola. He did. Maybe if I was lucky I could have two guys in a row tonight.
I went to grab some water before going back to the table when suddenly Kerry approached me and grabbed hold of my hand. “Hey, it was lovely to meet you, but I’m going to head back home, but don’t worry, Jason’s still here. He’ll keep you company.”
Best thing that could’ve happened. I came back to the table smiling from ear to ear.
“You seem like a very happy person,” Jason said. “You’re very smiley.”
“I am,” I said, knowing I was only happy because I felt I was going to get laid.
“So, Kerry left,” I said. “Was he picking up that I was flirting with you and wanted you?”
He chuckled. “Yes, but also he knows he gets a little crazy when he goes one beer too far, so he figured it would be best to cut it early.”
I could tell he didn’t want the attention to be on him anymore so he asked me to tell him more about myself, such as what I genuinely believed in about this apparent world.
“You really want to know?” I asked, “because people often think I’m a nut-job and into some really ‘out there’ shit.”
“Yeah, I want to hear it,” he said.
I loved when people wanted to get deep with me. It didn’t scare me off, if anything it made me more interested in hanging around them.
I told him how I didn’t feel the world really existed in the way we thought and that everything was being born out of our perception, including all of the people and experiences. Therefore it was comforting and impossible to be a victim since everything came out of our own mind. Turned out he completely agreed with my viewpoint.
“Good thing Kerry left before this conversation because he would’ve went on a tangent with you for hours about this topic,” he said.
“I wouldn’t have minded,” I said, “if anything, I prefer these conversations.”
A long pause occurred between us, then Jason goes, “I didn’t get vaccinated,” followed by him looking at me as if my response was going to make or break him.
“Oh neither did I,” I said, “fuck that shit.” I took a sip of coke. “You know, that says a lot about a person.”
“It really does,” he said, then looked at me as if I had passed the test. “Wanna see a magic trick?“ he asked.
“Yes I do,” I said.
He told me to hold my hands together as if I was holding two ends of a string and pulling it taut.
“I think I know this trick!” I said.
“Do you? How does it end?“ he asked.
“I don’t remember. I played it when I was 8,” I said, “but I remember it had some cool energy thing where it felt magnetic.”
He imitated cutting the rope then teasingly slapped me. My nipples perked up.
“Hey!” I said playfully. “What was that for?”
“Let’s play a different one,” he said.
For the second magic trick, he had me grab hold of his hands and scoot in closer to him.
He turned my hat around and said, “It looks cooler backwards, plus we need it that way for the trick.”
Next directive for me was to close my eyes and a moment later he was kissing me. I smiled and began to kiss him back, letting go of his hands and grabbing the back of his neck to pull him in closer. So cheesy and romantic but I couldn’t deny I loved that shit.
“Well it’s good to know you wanted to kiss me back,” he said.
I grabbed him again when he momentarily pulled away to look at me. I just wanted to kiss him more. I wondered if anyone else in our vicinity noticed how quickly we were all over each other after having just met. Maybe the singer of the band saw and would find out I would be hooking up with her married friend. I hoped she would tell him how naughty I was behind his back.
Sometimes I hated that I knew the game I played and that I recognized seduction was nothing other than pain and manipulation. There was nothing honest about it, not a single moment when I was playing, for I knew it was sadistic but just a game.
“Wanna come upstairs?” I asked as I traced my fingertips along the rough skin of his arms.
He nodded his head. “Absolutely,” he said as he chugged the last of his beer. “I love how forward you are.”
“Can’t help it,” I said, then grabbed his hand.
I led him upstairs so he could stare at my ass and strong legs that he would soon be allowed to grope. I opened my door, threw everything off the bed, hopped on the mattress and got on my knees. He placed his hand behind my neck and began kissing me passionately. His breathing rhythm let me know he was getting hard fast. I went straight for it, him helping me take off his clothes. He had mentioned he played tennis earlier. I could smell a trace of piss and sweat as I pulled his foreskin down. I moaned in excitement as I sucked him off for as long as he let me.
I pushed myself back towards the headboard as he moved me forward with his kisses. I was happily surprised at how extremely in sync he was with the way I moved. A natural, virile and ready to fuck me.
He began to insert himself and my eyes grew dreary as I let out a load moan. Everything became a blur. I wondered if he actually looked like Matthew McConaughey or if I just had lust goggles on. Regardless, he turned into perfection right before me. He was sweating and had glistening gold body hair cascading down his body. I was so aroused, staring at his image to get me off even further. He knew of all the ways to lock me into positions from practicing jujitsu.
“You’re strong,” I said.
“I know,” he whispered in my ear, then flipped me around, pinned me down and fucked me deep and hard.
After not getting properly fucked for a while, let alone by a massive cock, I had to really relax my muscles to let him in, but as I took a breath to do so, he took it as an opportunity to go deeper. I placed his hand over my stomach so he could feel his cock moving through me.
I was so vocal, dirty talking and screaming “fuck” every other breath, then telling him how good he fucked me. I was hungry. He knew it. He loved it. He didn’t stop even when I laid there with my hair glued to my face from sweat. He took control on top, then flipped me over so I could ride him. He lifted me up and placed me on the edge of the bed to eat me out real long, then we took a break to drink the faucet water.
“Do you think it’s good to drink?” I asked.
“Yeah it’s safe, other than it decalcifying your pineal gland,” he said.
I laughed my ass off.
“Every town I visit I ask if the water is safe to drink and people look at me like I’m crazy. I guess I need to be more specific and ask people if there’s fluoride in it,” I said.
He pulled me back in, laid me on my back, placed my feet on his shoulders, then watched my face as he slipped his cock in, inch by inch. He took me to my edge then flipped me on my stomach and lifted my knee up towards my shoulder, penetrating me at a slight angle. He was hitting my g-spot, causing me to squirt all over his cock then fingered me in that position as he continued to fuck me and I continued to squirt into his hand. He collected it in his palm then slapped my ass, the juices reverberating off of my cheeks.
My eyes rolled back. He stayed rock hard the entire time. I was pretty surprised and impressed by how strong his stamina was, especially since he had a few beers. I grasped for anything I could, looking for some sort of earthly grounding such as a blanket or pillow to scream into. He didn’t care that I could barely keep myself together, in fact he liked watching me take him and struggle so much to do so. He lifted me back up. I could barely move, he just took it as an opportunity to continue fucking the living brains out of me.
He put me on my back and shoved it back in, thrusting hard and fast. My body began sliding to the edge of the bed as my head went all the way down to the floor. He began choking me as I was hanging over the mattress, putting his fingers in my mouth to gag me then slid his hand in between my breasts and back down onto my clit. My eyes grew frustrated with sexual rush. He let out a smirk and gave a good, deep thrust, holding himself there as I clenched around his girth.
Without saying a word, he looked at me in a way that said, “You asked for it so now you’re gonna fucking take it.”
I couldn’t even believe my pussy was able to handle so much raw, aggressive penetration. He wasn’t done. I was needing it. He said we could take it slow then turned me over into the spooning position, both of us simultaneously moaning “fuck” as he slipped himself in again, thrusting back and forth in a healthy rhythm. He teased me by rubbing my clit, flickering up and down my bean. He took his cock out and didn’t put it back in, watching how it took me to the brink of insanity. He spread my legs, then stood above me as he spat on my hole twice in perfect aim. Slowly, he put the head of his cock back in, stopping at the 2” mark, right when I was starting to melt in pleasure.
“Don’t stop,” I whimpered, “please don’t stop.” Because everytime he did, all the thoughts came rushing in and I was right back in this shitty world.
I pulled him in close. He fucked me for hours. I felt it made up for all of the dicks that didn’t fuck me and the ones that struggled to keep themselves from cumming. Around the three hour mark I was so raw and sore to the point I told him I wanted him to jerk off on me. It was a huge turn on, one of my biggest, to watch a man stroke himself for me.
He laid down and watched my face intently as I sucked on his balls, then quickly unloaded. I only noticed after he spurted out the last cum droplets onto his abdomen and crotch. He let out a deep breath then watched as I licked it all up.
“Dirty girl,” he said.
I laid down on my side, fully naked and exposed. “You know your way out?” I asked.
He got dressed and left. The bed was now in the middle of the room, spun around 180°. My clothes were splattered all throughout the room, the sheets and pillows on the floor.
Later on I saw Holden and Kasper in the hallway after I went to the bathroom. My hair was tasseled and my face flushed.
“Did you get some rest?” Charlie asked.
“Mhm,” I squealed, attempting to conceal how dirty of a girl I was even though I was sure the entire hostel heard me.