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(X-rated) January 19-20, 2024:
In the morning Dai showed us his Sea To Summit sleeping bag that he loved. He laid down on my switchback, cozied up in the mummy position and showed us how fluffy and comfortable it was. I loved watching hikers geek out over their gear.
We all went out for french toast and flat whites before we parted ways with Dai. Ikra joined us as well. Her and Lenses did stretches to help release tension in their shoulders by intertwining their arms in a spiral and bending their elbows over the table. Dai asked for a tattoo tour of my body so I showed him the ones on my arms and a little bit on my stomach.
We decided to take a couple of zero days in town to decompress and wait out the rain. We had planned to get a hotel or hostel for the night, however everything was booked, so we reached out to Rhonda and Nigel, the couple whom Orange and I had met on the ferry ride to Ship Cove. They had offered us a place to stay when we arrived to Queenstown and gladly took us in last second.
Before we went there, we walked around town for the majority of the day, buying squishy chocolate chip cookies and trying the famous Fergburger that people claimed to be the best burger place in New Zealand, some even claiming ‘in the world.’
“That’s pretty ballsy to say,” I said as we got in the line that wrapped outside of their building.
Honestly, I was really impressed when I tried it. The burger was massive, the bun was beyond perfection and the meat was deliciously smokey. To top it off, everything felt super high quality and digested super easily.
Then, I went to a hippie store and impulsively bought a blue handmade dress. I threw it on and put on a dancing show for Lenses and Ben while they sat on the bench and watched me in either awe or embarrassment.
Afterwards, I went to the library since I had planned to meet up with Hans in the late afternoon. I waited for Ben to show up with his car so I didn’t have to lug my backpack around. When he arrived, I ran into his car, hugged him and thanked him for taking the weight off my hands.
Then, I saw Hans come out of the library and I groaned, “Fuck, he’s so hot. Gotta go!”
I hopped out of the car and ran over to him, interlocked my arm with his, holding tight onto his bicep. I smiled like a ditsy girl and Ben looked at me through the window, laughing to himself at how stupid I seemed to get over men.
“Where do you want to go?” he asked.
“Take me anywhere,” I said.
It was raining heavily, but we didn’t mind. He walked me through a large field of grass, then we climbed our way up the stone bleachers and sat close to each other.
He could tell I only had one thing on my mind—cock. There wasn’t much I had to do for him to be aware of that, my body spoke for itself. In a triangular rhythm I looked at his left eye, then slowly moved to his right, and finally down to his lips as I released a naughty smile, looking at him as if longing to be kissed.
“What are you thinking?” he would ask.
“Oh, nothing,” I would say as I released a blush.
He was getting off on seeing how easily riled up I became, but wasn’t taking the bait. I was getting very mixed signals from him. At one point he was being extremely flirtatious and making sexual comments, the next moment he was acting very cautious. And although challenging, I enjoyed the way he toyed with me. It made me want him even more.
My cheeks flushed as I visualized my pussy grinding on his wet lips. I was on the verge of grabbing his face and shoving it down there.
“Why ah you smiling?” he asked. “Did I say something incorrectly?”
“No, no. Your English is just fine,” I said, “I was just thinking about something.”
“Aha, an what is it you think about?”
“Just hungry for a certain kind of meal,” I said.
“Mm, mhm,” he said, seeing right through my bullshit.
I wanted to speed up the process, so I gently spread my legs apart and faced him boldly. The scent of my heated pussy filled the air. He looked down in between my legs, bit his lower lip, then chuckled and shook his head. He took my ankle and closed my legs back up.
“Listen, I have ah girlfriend,” he said as he took a deep breath. “Trust me, I want to and I am very drawn to you, but I cannot.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I asked, as if attempting to care.
“I don’t know,” he said, “I wanted to hang out with you because I felt we had harmonious connection but I cannot do that to her.”
“She’s in Germany?” I asked.
“Germany’s far away.”
“I know it is, but I think about how I would feel if she would do something like dis behind my back. It would crush me,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in mirror from ze guilt.” He locked eyes with me, as if pleading for me to have mercy on him. “I’m a good boy.”
“And I’m a good girl,” I said, lying straight through my teeth.
His eyes challenged me, yet seethed with sex. “I think we need to go meet back up with your friends because we ah hitting dangerous territory right now,” he said.
“Mm, I think it’s still a little bit too early,” I said as I slid my hand along his inner thigh.
He started blushing and fanning out his shirt to cool himself down, then stood up and offered me his hand. “Come on, lez go!” he said.
I rolled my eyes. We started walking back towards the library, our eyes wandering, trying to concentrate on anything but penetrating each other.
“No girl has evah done this to me since I’ve been out on dis trail,” he said, “it’s nice to feel wanted so bad. I look at you and I can see how much… how much—“
“What?” I asked. “How much I want to suck your dick right now?”
He bit his lip and inhaled with a groan. “Fuck, mm. You can’t be saying—“
He put his hand in his pants and took a deep breath. His cock bulged quickly. I watched.
We stopped at the library so I could message my friends and see where they were. We stood there with raging sexual tension between our space as we waited impatiently for their response.
He leaned his back against the stone wall and slid one leg up. “I feel like I’m 20,” he said, unable to hide the depth of his smile.
I bit my lip, my eyes veiled thick with lust. My cunt was raging with sexual heat. My friends responded and told me to meet them at the breakfast place that we were at this morning.
As we walked through the town square I gently moaned and told him how easily he could make me cum from how horny I was right now. I watched as his cock grew hard again. He adjusted it then put his arm around my waist, pulling me in.
Although his touch was innocent, I melted and my nipples grew erect, begging to be touched more.
“Maybe thas not a good idea,” he said as he saw the result and removed his arm. “It’s good zat we left that field because if it were any longer I don’t think I would’ve been able to control myself.”
“Mm, I like when you lose control,” I said.
He kept shaking his head at me, growing frustrated at the way I responded to everything sexually.
We met my friends at the restaurant and joined them at the table with a group of other hikers. He sat across from me.
“How was the library?” Ben asked.
“It was good,” I said, laughing.
“Yeah,” Hans said, “good vibrations there.”
We all busted out laughing.
“Oh god, not like that!” he said.
Judging by the way him and I interacted at the table, one would’ve guessed I got fucked real good, but I was simply in hyper sexual mode. I could feel his discomfort any time the conversation went silent because we would inevitably look at each other and he would wink or smile at me profusely. I played footsie with him under the table, then asked Ben if we could give him a ride to Frankton since he needed to go to the grocery store.
“Yeah, that’s fine,” Ben said, “but there might not be room because of all of our packs.”
Hans looked at me and I said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind sitting on his lap.”
He put his head down and started laughing, blushing in a way that said ‘give me a fucking break,’ then gestured slapping me. Didn’t he know he was only making my sex drive worse?
Ben goes, “Freyja, I see you haven’t changed at all since the last time I saw you.”
“Mm I’m trying,” I moaned as I grasped at the edge of the table.
My pussy felt fully dilated, open and ready to receive him. God it drove me fucking crazy for a man to say no to me, but that was part of the game. I couldn’t win them all. Although he rejected me sex, I knew if I had more time and enclosed our space more intimately, he would be one to give in which made me lose respect for him and his relationship. Men I respected the most were the ones that gave me a hard no, not even a possibility of sexual flirtation.
As we left the restaurant, I turned around and eye fucked him, letting him know I wanted him to stare at my ass while I walked in front of him. He smiled then sneakily grabbed my cheeks while the rest of the group walked in front of us. He pulled out his umbrella and Lenses quickly turned around to snap a photo of us. I loved being naughty when no one else was aware of it.
There was enough room in the car so I had to sit next to him. For a second I was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to grind my ass over his cock, but then I thought I could just finger myself next to him, instead. I looked boldly into his eyes then slipped my hand into my shorts. He took a deep breath. I could tell he felt uncomfortable since we were sitting directly behind my friends, but he couldn’t hide the fact he wanted to watch.
He slid his hand in between my heated thighs, grabbing at my meat. Ever so gently, he grazed his pinky finger on the outskirts of my pussy lips. He opened the top rim of my shorts and snuck a peak, watching intently at the way I played with myself. The heat of my yoni rose and I moved in a way that he might get a whiff of my scent.
He sneakily started playing with my nipple, eventually grabbing my entire breast and squeezing it. I moaned into his ear as he tried to keep a conversation up with Lenses and Ben. I was so turned on, enjoying the way he watched me in the mirror. I smiled. He smirked back in playful disapproval.
My hips bucking and grinding, I was dripping in my sticky juices, wanting him to so badly feel what he was doing to me. I could tell he really wanted to make me cum, so I used his face as final inspiration while he was in the middle of talking to Ben.
“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered to him.
He smiled profusely as he tried to finish his sentence, but began tripping over his words and stuttering. I held my gaze with him in the mirror, making him watch as I came. My eyes drunk and sedated as I felt the waves of pleasure pulse and course through my body. I let out a deep breath, trying my absolute hardest to stay quiet and go unnoticed. Then, I took my hand out of my pants and licked the cum off my finger. I was reaching his threshold. If we had more time together, I could have pictured him angrily fucking the living shit out of me for being such a bad girl and going against all of his commands.
“You feel better now?” he asked as he let go of his pinch.
“For now,” I said, adjusting my hair.
We got out of the car and walked into the grocery store. We said goodbye to Hans, then Lenses and Ben went to grab some beer.
We called Rhonda and asked if they wanted any beer from the store, but they said they were good with their wine. They asked us if we had any food requirements. I said ‘nope’ and that we were not picky at all.
We got there and Rhonda opened up her balcony door to let us in. She had that full, bright smile again. It felt so wholesome to see her again, I felt as if we were both entirely different people from the last time we spoke. Next thing I saw was Lenses looking at her in complete shock! Apparently she had met Rhonda on the Queen Charlotte track as well, also being invited to stay! Divine alignment.
They lived in a beautiful home and had other roommates living with them as well. They invited us to sit on the couch and catch up with stories about the trail and why Orange Man was no longer with me. They also shared the big news that they were officially now engaged! Nigel had proposed to her in Ship Cove! The stone on her ring was massive and bright, her smile reflecting the same sparkle back. I felt so happy for them. They were so young, but appeared so confident in their relationship and life path together.
Nigel was apparently the chef of the house who made fine cuisine meals for Rhonda. Lucky for us, he made us all a high carb dinner tonight—pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs sprinkled with some sort of green garnish. I didn’t know how to tell him that I hated sauce and meatballs. Instead, I tried to be polite and eat it, but had a hard time swallowing it. I went to the kitchen and found a whole bowl of sauce-less pasta and a brick of butter right beside it. Naturally, I made myself the usual pasta with butter and moved the one he had made aside. I came back to the living room and Lenses facepalmed when she saw what I did.
Nigel looked over and said, “Oh, you’re one of those people.”
“Oh my god!” Rhonda said, “I asked you if you guys had any food restrictions!”
“I’m sorry, I forgot that I was super picky,” I said, “but the butter pasta is perfect for me.”
Their roommates came home and joined us in conversation and food. Lenses snuck pictures of everyone hanging out then handed out stickers of her photography work.
Right before we went to bed, Rhonda looked at my tramily and asked, “Do you guys need a pillow?”
“A pillow?” Ben asked after taking a long pause, almost in shock of the luxury that we were experiencing.
Being on the trail for so long, it was natural to forget the simple luxuries of everyday life in a home. It felt really good to be around Rhonda and Nigel again, especially because they seemed to be living a completely different lifestyle from us. That sort of contrast fascinated me.
I fell asleep to the sound of Lenses and Ben talking, along with the television playing a cooking show in the background. I was addicted to that feeling of dozing off to that kine of white noise. Something about it felt so comforting—being around people I loved and sleeping on the carpet as I did when I was a little girl. I wanted to lock up that feeling and carry it with me for all time.