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(X-rated) February 1-2, 2024:
Woke up to the sound of the whole bunk room snoring, thought it was cute. I noticed the trend that people who snored and moved around the most were often the ones who stayed in the shelters or huts.
After yesterday’s experience, it was a big no for me to continue hiking through farmland and mud. I was completely turned off by the idea of trekking through the Longwoods, so I decided to cut off that small chunk. I could sense I was extra emotional today, knowing I would most likely cry an hour in from something stupid, such like tripping over a rock. I really wasn’t into self torturing myself on trail anymore—been there, done that. It was a different kind of energy climbing up mountains and wanting to kick ass versus forcing myself to push through shit I didn’t feel like pushing through.
So, I parted ways with the lovebirds. I told them I would meet them in Colac Bay. For the meantime, I road-walked a good mile until the first car stopped to pick me up. Initially I was going to hitch to Otautau but then last second I settled on Tuatapere. The guy driving me said it was more scenic that way and that there might be more things to do in that town.
He drove me to Tui Base Camp and asked the woman working there if there were any rooms available.
“Plenty,” she said.
He dropped me off at the front so I could check-in. All of the locals knew him and said wholesome things about him, that he was a really good guy and had an amazing wife.
I had a shitty breakfast at their restaurant but my body accepted it because I was hungry. A couple hours later I met up with Greg, the cyclist whom I met near Te Anau. Apparently he was in the same town! We met up at The Well where he drank another cup of coffee and I indulged in a slice of carrot cake.
Then we met up with his other cyclist friends whom I met last week as well. While we were saying our hellos and goodbyes, I saw a couple of thru-hikers wave through the café window so I joined them at their table for a few minutes.
I knew one of the guys, he was friends with Kasper. It was clear he had fallen in love with a woman, the one who was sitting right in front of him. I loved the way they were looking at each other, as if there was no one but them. Lost in their own world, the aura was full of sparkling reds and pinks.
They ended up skipping the entire section from Te Anau all the way to Colac Bay, also completely uninterested in walking through knee deep mud. Instead, they got an Airbnb for several days to spend with one another. I completely understood and knew how special that was.
I loved how chill everyone was on this trail, it reminded me of my own hiking style. Most people were not purists and would hop and skip around, mainly avoiding road sections and farmlands to spend more time in the highlands of the mountains. Oftentimes, hikers connected their route in different ways by combining tracks that had better views. The best part? No one was giving each other shit for what they apparently chose to do. If anything, it was celebrated the way people did their own thing and made their own adventure. I definitely enjoyed that aspect of hiking a lot more here in comparison to how it was in the states. People were really taking their time in towns and soaking up the whole experience, not just the trail. It felt good to be around such eased up energy.
Next day I went to the café and talked some to the locals and fellow travelers. Honestly, I didn’t feel like conversing much, I was more in a quiet zone and wanted to save my energy. I noticed a balance in my life where I loved to meet people and hear their stories, yet I needed tons of alone time before that became a possibility.
After a couple cups of coffee I became super horny so I went to masturbate in my room to the thought of all my lovers. I closed my eyes and wondered about which one I wanted to think about. I chose my three favorite facial cumshot memories and came to those nearly immediately, then I inhaled the scent off my fingers. Truly, it was intoxicating.
I went to the diner to work on my writing and spotted the only attractive guy in the restaurant. He was comfortably eating alone. I shot him a sharp seductive under glance. I wanted him, but a young girl next to me was looking at me looking at him so I toned it down assuming it might be his daughter. It wasn’t.
Next thing I knew, he picked up a conversation with me after seeing the trail logo on my hat.
“Did you hike the CDT?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said. “You?”
“PCT in ‘22.”
I invited myself to sit with him because I loved talking to hikers and he happened to be quite attractive. A couple minutes into conversing I found out his name was Victor and that he hiked the PCT with Elvis. That was the moment my whole demeanor changed. To those who knew me well, I was quite vicious, contrary to the innocent face I came with.
I was petty and next level spiteful. The shit I would apparently do if I was fucked over by someone was even more so. The last guy I dated who had apparently cheated on me, I convinced him there was still a chance between us even though there was not even a spark of one left. I got him to come to my community in Hawaii, all the way from Chicago, then made sure he walked in on me getting fucked my numerous other dudes, or at the very minimum, hearing me get fucked by them. I wanted to make him cry and shiver the way I did for months on end. It wasn’t something I was proud of, but I did have that toxicity within my personality where if I felt fucked over in any way, I would sting the person back twice as hard without them seeing it coming.
Although much lighter of a scenario, I didn’t feel I was receiving the attention from Elvis I desired, also upset by feeling as if he was trying to get with my friend Ben, so decided why not fuck his friend? Total assumption and childish as fuck on my end, but I couldn’t help it.
“What do you do for a living?” I asked Victor.
“I’m a fireman,” he said.
I blushed. “Oh are you now? Can I see a picture?” I asked.
My nipples grew rock hard and I slid the heat of my palms over them to calm myself down after he showed me. Fuck, I wished he had that outfit on him right then. I would lose my wits. He was flirty and fit, quite older than me. Easy target and it was clear he was into me.
Suddenly, a woman came up to our table, approached him and said, “I’m sorry to intrude but we’re all wonderin’ how old ya are.”
We turned around to look at her friends who were all waving and eye-goggling him. It was clear they fancied him.
He laughed and said, “47.”
“Mm, we guessed 30,” she said, “We’ll just tell ‘em you’re 37.” She sat close to him and added, “It’s mah birthday today! I turned 47!”
“Well happy birthday,” he said.
She apologized for intruding.
“No worries at all,” I said.
Then, Victor and I waved to all of the women in the back and the same lady yelled, “Nice tits!”
The entire restaurant went quiet and looked at me. I blushed. Was it that obvious?
Honestly, I didn’t plan on hooking up with Victor at first, but I liked how easy he made it for me. We went outside in the street and he stood real close to me.
“What room are you in?” I asked.
“9,” he said, “all the way at the end of the hall.”
I let him know I’d be coming over soon.
I took a quick shower and began to overthink what I was apparently about to do. I could feel I was using him as a distraction, big time. I was battling with the devil in my mind that convinced me to just shut off the emotions and not think about it too much, for pleasure was promised.
I knocked on his door. “It’s Freyja,” I said.
“Come in,” he replied.
I felt spacey, as if I wasn’t really there. I just wanted to feel something, anything. We had small talk that I just wanted to skip over, but it was kind of turning me on because he was talking about his firefighting job.
“Are you ever scared doing what you do?” I asked.
“Mm, no,” he said. “Cautious.”
I took my glasses off then scooted in closer, laying down next to him. He began kissing me. I let my body move in the way that it was used to. I didn’t want to waste any more time so I grabbed at his bulge and felt him grow for me in the warmth of my hands. I helped remove his pants. He was taking it slow and I was trying to remain patient and go at his pace, but I wasn’t in that state of mind right then.
He took my clothes off for me and grew rock hard at the sight of me. I began sucking him off, feeling like myself again. I didn’t want to take him out of my mouth. It was what sustained the wild animal inside of me. It was what helped me disappear. I wanted to keep tasting him, but he was ready to fuck.
I sat on top of him and began riding him—perfect cock for my pussy. He said he was going to cum after about 30 seconds of being inside of me so I told him to pull out. I caught half of his seed in my mouth while the first shots landed on his stomach. Afterwards, he pulled me in close to cuddle. I felt my body rejecting his, the closeness he offered was agonizing.
It was time for me to go; I patted his leg and said, “Welp, I’m gonna get some food.”
I didn’t end up eating, instead I went to lay down. I had booked a bunk in the dorm room, however no one else showed so I got the entire room to myself. It felt so good to have the space to take the mask off and not feel like I had to entertain someone. I closed all of the curtains and enveloped myself in the darkness, hiding from myself. I curled up in the fetal position and cried myself to sleep.