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February 10 2024, Stewart Island NWC Track Day 3, Yankee River Hut to Long Harry Hut:
Today was gloomy so we stayed in the hut until the afternoon. We planned for a short day to the next hut.
I looked at the ceiling of my bunk and said, “I like that there aren’t that many cobwebs here,” then pondered, “what even are cobwebs?”
“I think it’s the same thing as spiderwebs,” Orange said.
“Well it can’t be the same thing because it’s a different word, therefore it must have a different definition.
“I think it’s the same thing,” he insisted.
“What if cobwebs are just spiderwebs that the spiders had left?” I contemplated.
“Is a spiderweb even a spiderweb without a spider in it?” he added.
“I feel like I’m high,” I said.
We started the day by crossing a three point bridge, then meandered through more dense forestry until the views opened up to Smoky Beach. It was exposed and windy, but the rolling sand dunes appeared inviting to run through. Along the shoreline we found large yoni-shaped seashells and glowing white stones swept all throughout the beach.
We took a long break at the hunter’s hut while we waited out the heavy rain. Then, we climbed up and over slippery mud, oftentimes losing grip since there was nothing to hold onto other than wet tree roots.
Before arriving to the hut, we came across a small stoney beach where Orange wanted to show me a cool cave with a tunnel. Then we climbed up to the hut and he made a fire because he could see in my eyes that I wanted one. The couple that was on the ferry with us showed up shortly after, having had pulled a big mileage day in the rain.
We all dried our gear on the metal rack beside the fire. Orange proceeded to grab some tin foil and make us butter croissants, bacon and cheese sandwiches, garlic ciabatta bread with parmesan cheese and some redskin potatoes that were slow-roasted with butter to perfection. Just after we finished eating one entrée the other one became ready, and it was like that all the way until the end.