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February 19, 2024:
It was time to hit the road and hitch to QT. Rhonda and Nigel were open to hosting me for a couple of nights before I hitched up to Christchurch. Sometimes I got tired of being on the road. The excitement to travel and roam was still strong, however, sometimes I wished I had a mattress to sleep on the second I felt I wanted one. There were days I didn’t want to talk to people for whatever reason, whether introversion hit me or I was experiencing physical/mental pain. But then I remembered I would be much more tired living a lifestyle that I didn’t feel suited me, such as working an office job day in day out. I would be mentally and physically drained saving up for rent or the next bill I had to pay. Even just thinking about it was exhausting.
I hitched out of Te Anau with a fellow TA hiker whom I had met at Lily’s. He was going to Bluff to meet up with his friends whom had just finished the trail, so he wanted to celebrate with them. We got a ride by a couple of women who were on a road trip in an RV. They were chill, I fell asleep shortly into the ride. We dropped him off at the junction, then they drove me directly to my destination.
I got there really early so I wanted to give Rhonda and Nigel some space. In the meantime I decided to grab a bite to eat at a pizza joint across the street. The host was pretty cute. He looked extremely young, around 19 or 20. His name was Reece, he was blonde and born in London. I was horny and relentless so I turned my flirting up a notch.
I could tell he was really nervous but was trying to keep up a casual conversation with me. I decided to play the shy girl instead of the dominant seductress to give him more confidence in swaying me. He did a good job in asking me questions about myself and sealing in the deal by asking me out on a date. I was pretty impressed he was hitting on me so blatantly, especially in front of his bosses. Honestly, he had already won me over when he gave me a raspberry donut he had bought earlier in the day.
Then, I walked over to McDonald’s to get a pop and work on some writing. I loved hanging out in that environment as it reminded me so much of thru-hiking and the way us hiker trash would gather at the shitty fast food chain.
An attractive guy sat next to me as he ate his meal. I stared at him, watching the way he devoured his food. I didn’t know what it was but I loved watching men eat. Something about it turned me on. I enjoyed looking at their jaw movement and the way their lips pursed. The way they would get messy and the way their eyes would turn primal.
I walked over to Rhonda’s place and had a moment of reuniting. I loved to see that she kept the pinecone I gifted her last time I came around. It was getting late, so before we went to bed she let me know there would be a new roommate coming by later so as not to be startled.
“Her name is Rasa,” she said.
“Is she Lithuanian by chance?” I asked.
“Yeah, I think so!”
About an hour later, she showed up and immediately upon hearing her accent, I said, “Aš irgi Lietuvė! (I’m also Lithuanian!)”
It was awesome to converse in my language. She told me there was a bunch of Lithuanians in the area, approximately 30! She had also been to Chicago a few times and knew of people that lived there. We started throwing out names and turned out she had used my Dad’s company to ship some things to Lietuva! Small world.
Then, she invited me out for drinks tomorrow, said there would be a whole crew coming out.
“What time?” I asked.
“Like, 10pm?”
“Yeah I get off at 10,” she said.
“Ha!” I laughed. “Girl, are you crazy? You have fun! I’m going to be sleeping. Thanks, but no thanks.”
Ah, I found it cute when I met night owls, however I was a diehard morning person.