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Custom Macrame

Aloha!! My name is Goda Latvys!

The first time I started macrame was when I was on the Big Island of Hawaii in March of 2020. I was sitting in my bunk in the ‘Rainbow Dorm’ at a community known as Cinderland Ecovillage. I was watching a YouTube tutorial in slow motion, attempting what was known as the double half hitch knot (one of the main macramé knots). I was beyond frustrated because my knot did not look remotely like the one on the screen. I was attempting it for a good hour (sad, I know) until I eventually burst into tears.

Yet still, I had faith.

I was aware that the process of starting something new comes with questions fused with amateur mistakes. Beneath the surface, I trusted it would eventually click… and naturally, it did. I pulled the knot the correct way and that was the rise of my journey towards patience, meditation and trust of Self.

Custom Macrame
Custom Macrame

In the winter of 2021, I moved back to my home state in Illinois to begin working in my art studio. I started making small items such as keychains, plant holders, pinecone pods and moved up to making intricate dresses, baskets and large wall hangings which quickly got displayed around different places in my area such as local restaurants and yoga studios!

My paintings, clothing designs and wall hangings are one of a kind collection pieces. I never make the same thing twice unless it comes in sets such as mug rugs, snowflake ornaments, and placement mats.

Most of my pieces are made in Chicago, however I’ve had plenty of pieces that were also made in Mexico along with the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have always seemed to be an extremely passionate, expressive and rebellious woman. I love to test peoples’ comfort zones and have them question what has been labeled as “normal”. For instance, challenging the idea of why we shave our body hair when nature provided it for the purpose of hygiene and cleanliness, alongside with the idea of why we wear bras if it is not the way nature intended it to be.

When we were apparently born into this world, our body provided us with everything we needed. We don’t need to complicate our existence with things that are not natural to our bodies such as clothing made out of plastic and shaving products that are intended to remove what I perceive as a highly intelligent part of our beings.

My clothing is centered for those who are wild and RAW at heart; those who have a desire to be seen in their authentic, primal expression. Those who question society’s standards and cannot be tamed. With my alluring designs, I aim to show people that seduction has nothing to do with the way your body is shaped or how the dress itself looks, but how you choose to express yourself through it.

Custom Macrame

“When I am creating, I don’t find myself in this apparent body. As I surrender to Spirit, I often find I cannot keep up with the direction of which my hands are guiding the knots. It’s as though the patterns are being made before I even have time to think about what will manifest.”

Custom Macrame

Reducing my Impact

I aim to only source out and purchase what I consider the highest quality, up-cycled and sustainable rope. My favorite so far is a company known as GANXXET, as they do not dye their fiber. Purchasing their rope helps eliminate waste and with their manufacturing process, they reduce water consumption to a great extent.

I avoid buying from places such as China as I am aware most workers are getting paid little to nothing. I do not support big companies such as Amazon. My goal is to eventually find a family in Peru or Mexico that makes organic cotton macrame cord so I could support their family by becoming their lifelong customer!

Macramé is highly sustainable since it is made out of cotton, which is biodegradable and can be composted. To reduce waste, I use excess cord to make necklaces, decorative tassels and pillows! I only create when I feel inspired and guided to do so. I work slowly and with conscious intention behind my movements rather than adhering to the concept of fast fashion.

To reduce my footprint a step further, I re-use bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and tissue paper when it comes to packaging and shipping my items.

I feel it is important to educate ourselves on where most of the fashion comes from and how it is made. With even a little bit of willingness to change our consumer habits, we will be guided to more sustainable alternatives.


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