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Custom Macrame

Custom Pieces

My goal is to bring your vision to life so that you can express yourself with boldness and confidently stand out from the crowd! Together, we will work on making a design that best captures YOU.

We will go over the exact color scheme you want, the sizing, the small details, and the overall energy you want me to capture. I will intuitively bring your vision to LIFE!

Here are some key things that we will dive into that will help guide me towards the essence you desire to embody:

  • What is your intention? Provide me with some power words that come up for you (trust, innocence, surrender). I will meditate with your intention and create an intuitive piece JUST for you!
  • What colors resonate with you at this moment in time?
  • Do you prefer a curvier or more sleek style?
  • More intricate or minimalistic?
  • More exposed or covered?
  • Double layered? (extra layer of rope around the waist)
  • What vibes are you wanting to express? (fairy, goth, lolita)

I also provide options for custom home decor such as wall hanging backdrops, plant holders, placement mats and more!

Custom Macrame
Custom Measurements


I will require these measurements to ensure the best fit:

  • Around the bust, fullest part
  • Around the waist
  • Around the hips, fullest part
  • Apex to apex (bust spread)
  • Back width (widest part of back)
  • Front length (base of neck to waist line)
  • Around neck

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