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Painted Tree Boutique Showcase

Got my pieces showcased at the Painted Tree Boutique in Bloomingdale, IL! A friend of mine from the Beartaria app kindly offered me to use part of his space to display some of my macramé art and various sized mandala paintings! Thanks, Tom!!

Lithuanian World Center Fashion Show 2022

My first ever fashion show was a HUGE success! I definitely broke out into tears from stress, happiness, feeling lost, feeling grateful–you name it! It felt as though I was the new girl and everyone knew what they were doing and I was trying to figure everything...

Strange Brew Cafe Showcase

I got a few of my best pieces displayed at one of my favorite local coffee shops, Strange Brew Cafe! These pieces are for sale and a large chunk of the profits go to the owner!Come enjoy a cup of coffee and feel the quality of my art in person!

2022 Sheep’s Food District Craft Fair

This was such a wholesome experience. I worked for these people for a few years. They are a family owned small business and all of us locals are OBSESSED with their restaurants. Me and a few other people were vending outside while enjoying a warm fireplace! I got...

Sheep’s Food District Craft Fair

DRAUGAS Newspaper Shoutout

I felt so honored to have gotten the opportunity to be interviewed with the local Lithuanian Newspaper DRAUGAS to speak about my hitchhiking experiences, how thru-hiking changed my life and the macramé pieces I apparently make! I am beyond grateful I got to share...

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot at Palos Park

This was an outdoor photoshoot in Palos Park, IL. Most of my pieces were modeled by the girls who were going to be in the upcoming fashion show at the end of November! Once again, the day ended in laughter and it was nice to be surrounded in the presence of women....

Behind the Scenes at Palos Park Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot in Orland Park

Inside photoshoot in Orland Park, IL. Photography was done by my close friend, Ieva Mikalauskaite! It felt like I was playing dress-up the entire time and laughing at how awkward the poses felt! Despite that, Ieva helped me find the joy in the experience of...

Goda at Orland Park Photoshoot

2021 Lithuanian World Center Art Fair

This was my first true experience of vending at a large art craft fair. It was at the Lithuanian World Center in Lemont, IL (my hometown). It was the best place for holiday shopping while simultaneously supporting small businesses. I also got to spend time basking...

Lithuanian World Center Art Fair 2021

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