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Ancient Voices Macramé Mobile


This stunning macramé mobile, Ancient Voices, conjures the divine ambience of a deity pouring golden beams of guiding light through the heavy storm clouds.

Handcrafted with a plethora of curls interwoven with soft cascading tassels, and accented by a descending series of hoops, each decorated with a wooden bead and feathers to bestow an authentic blend of vintage and eye-catchingly modern aesthetics to any cozy corner. A beautiful piece spiraling from heaven to earth, adorned with a lotus flower webbed upon the top circle.

Perfect to accent any space in need of some sunshined luster, its beautiful sky-clad contrast giving a natural splash of elegance to your boho home, complete with the happy inspiration of sunbeams glowing through the rain.

Handcrafted from the highest quality, up-cycled, environmentally friendly cord to ensure the eternal beauty of nature is yours. Colors are photographed as accurately as possible, but slight variation may show under different indoor lightings and monitor settings.

Circle: 8”
Length from circle down: 24”
Length from top down: 33”

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