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Solace Macramé Wall Hanging


Let the sanctuary of the forest be yours with our one-of-a-kind wall hanging, Solace. Handwoven in deep, dusky hues evocative of ancient evergreen trees, Solace invites a flush of fresh forest air to your nest, blending a soothing, spirit-cleansing aura with a natural symbol of eternal life and protection.

Exhibiting a lush woodland scene of leaves cascading like raindrops to the crawling soil, intermingled with pine needles and a zig-zagged accent, bringing the spiritual boho ambience of the elder woodlands into equilibrium with spellbinding geometric modernism.

This enchanting piece provides a stunning landscape to clip your favorite polaroids and other tiny keepsakes upon, 0r carefully thread with cut flowers to showcase the beauty woven within your own secret garden and local lands. Handwoven from the highest quality, upcycled, environmentally friendly cord to ensure the everlasting beauty of nature is yours.

Length from dowel down: 32”
Length from top of string down: 42”
Width: 18”

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