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Welcoming Macramé Wall Hanging


Our one of a kind creation, Welcoming, invites the blessings of peace within your cozy home. Crafted in captivating tri-tone hues, this unique wall decor captures the breathtaking symmetry and eccentricism of nature’s design, flushed with the aura of winds waltzing upon the violet fields.

Hiding a plethora of geometric elements within its design, this enchanting, sculptural wall art provides a stunning landscape to clip your favorite polaroids upon, 0r carefully thread with cut flowers to showcase the beauty dusted upon your local lands. Perfect for imbuing your home with coziness and a captivating, earthy vibe.

Handcrafted from the highest quality, up-cycled, environmentally friendly cord. Colors are photographed as accurately as possible, but slight variation may show under different indoor lightings and monitor settings.

Length from dowel down: —
Length from top of string down: —
Width: 18”

In stock

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