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Ancient Storm Macramé Poncho


Cast an enchanting golden shimmer over your outfit with our one of a kind creation, Ancient Storm. Handwoven in the cosmic shade of coppered-gold, this piece is reminiscent of lightning streaks patterning the velvet skies, and celestial sunbeams falling betwixt moments of rain.

Exhibiting a gorgeously braided neckline crafted with sleek double-helix design, this piece accents your shoulders with a luxuriously regal allure like the Queens and Goddesses of antiquity. Glistening, free-flowing tassels rain down from the elegantly heroic neckline, the piece’s chevron contour accenting your hips and thighs, whilst embellishing your favorite outfit with mystique and divine femininity.

Overlay upon your bikini, summer dress, or bralette and jeans combo for an effortlessly spellbinding look, allowing you to shimmer with the ambers of the evening sun. Perfect for musicians and dancers to create an unforgettable look, reflecting the true authenticity of your performance. A stunning piece to capture attention at festivals and carnivals, free-spirited gatherings, dances, beach dates and more.

Crafted from the highest quality, up-cycled and environmentally friendly cord to ensure the eternal beauty of nature is yours. We’ll always recommend handling our pieces with care to avoid tangling the free-flowing ropes. Best fits a standard small / medium, with a bit of stretch handily given.

Mannequin dimensions:
Neck: 12″
Shoulder: 15″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

Made on a mannequin that is more on the petite size. Modeled on a small / medium.

Made in Chicago.

ORIGINAL PIECE modeled on the runway for Chicago Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and the Lithuanian World Center!

Photography by: Nicole Shuberg


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