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Woven with Love. Infused with Aloha.
Capturing intentions through mandala patterns.
Backpacking and hitchhiking endeavors across the States.
Unique boho accessories to empower you.
Painting murals for my community on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Woven in paradise.
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Macramé and Paintings by Goda ‘Freyja’ Latvys

Goda’s designs are intuitive pieces created through the guidance of her Inner Spirit. Her calling is to help people tune back into nature and re-discover themselves through natural fibers, meditation, and sustainable living. She is also a writer who desires to inspire people through her adventures of long distance backpacking and hitchhiking across the U.S.

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Aloha!! My name is Goda Latvys!

I have been an artist my whole life, often exploring new ways of creating. I find new outlets of artistic expression every few months, but the moment I felt what it was like to weave knots with organic high quality cotton, I was completely hooked! Macramé has taught me how to slow down and be present with each sensation. Through inward guidance, I was shown how to trust my intuition and be patient as my vision manifested through my fingertips.

I am also a traveler and a long-distance backpacker! When I am not working on designing new products, I am on the road and in the mountains discovering God through my footsteps. I am grateful to have found my major passions in life and to be able to express myself through them. Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has supported my journey throughout the years. I appreciate you beyond what words could grasp.

Reducing My Impact

I aim to only source out and purchase what I consider the highest quality, up-cycled and sustainable rope. My favorite so far is a company known as GANXXET, as they do not dye their fiber. Purchasing their rope helps eliminate waste and with their manufacturing process, they reduce water consumption to a great extent.

I avoid buying from places such as China as I am aware most workers are getting paid little to nothing. My goal is to eventually find a family in Peru or Mexico that makes organic cotton macrame cord so I could support their family by becoming their lifelong customer!

For Custom Pieces

My goal is to bring your vision to life so that you can express yourself with boldness and confidently stand out from the crowd! Together, we will work on making a design that best captures YOU. Here are some things that we will dive into that will help guide me towards the essence you desire to embody:

  • What is your intention? I will meditate with your intention and create an intuitive piece JUST for you!
  • What vibes are you wanting to express?
  • Do you prefer a curvier or more sleek style?
  • What colors resonate with you at this moment?
  • More intricate or minimalistic?
  • More exposed or covered?
Custom Pieces

For every purchase you make, I donate 20% of the profits to the Pacific Crest Trail Association

In 2019, I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, totaling 2,653 miles. It was a journey that completely changed the way I perceived the world around me. As a thank you, I decided to give back to the trail.