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Break Free Macramé Set


This two piece outfit is called “Break Free”. It was inspired and infused with the loving energy of my close lover and friend, Goose.
I called him when I was at my local forest preserve and was experiencing intense emotions coming up about my apparent life. I felt as though I was somehow out of place. I believed in thoughts that told me I wasn’t successful enough… that at my age I was supposed to be married with kids, living in a house surrounded by a white picket fence. The funny part: I wasn’t even remotely attracted to that type of lifestyle. The life I was most attracted to was the one I was living right now, yet sometimes, I got those waves of, “Oh shit, everyone around me is doing it differently.”
Goose understood immediately what I was going through for he went through all of this years ago and reminded me that the path we chose was much harder. The path of breaking away from society and coming into our own freedom. The path of doing the self-work and putting our faith into Spirit’s guidance versus living in a way that apparently pleased those around us. The path of following our heart even if that meant getting the perception of having less money and not having the sense of “security” through material objects.
I’ve been handed everything at one point and I know that in my own experience I felt so incredibly restricted. I was always trying to escape into the wild, even though I had money, a bed and an endless supply of food. I just wanted to hitchhike across the country and backpack though the woods, and here I was, living the life I once only dreamed of experiencing.
He reminded me that the American Dream was a trap and that I would suffer and feel constrained, given my personality. He reminded me it was time to ‘break free’ from that societal pressure, which in the end was only coming from me.

Break Free captures the mysterious beauty of the blue-black butterfly, bestowing an aura so delicate, bold and unique, you’ll mesmerize and enchant with the magnificence of tiny bright wings upon the sky. Styled with or without an underlying bikini, our boho-inspired macramé set can command the energy of any crowd. An enthralling outfit for festivals, beach parties, carnivals and free-spirited gatherings, or to showcase your authenticity at live gigs, photoshoots and more!

This two-piece set is composed of an open backed halter-neck bralette, hiding an illusion of butterfly wings and antennae within the cut-away chest. Rich chest coverage dissolves into a tempting serenade of tassels, accented with an elegant chevron waist. The skirt piece is adorned with diamond-braided details exhibiting the illusion of a mini-skirt, before threading itself into free-flowing streams which dance and flutter upon the air with every movement.

Handwoven from the highest quality, up-cycled and environmentally friendly cord to ensure the eternal beauty of nature is yours. We’ll always recommend handling our handwoven dresses with care to avoid tangling the free-flowing ropes. Best fits a standard small / medium, with a bit of stretch handily given.

Mannequin dimensions:
Neck: 12″
Shoulder: 15″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

Made on a mannequin that is more on the petite size. Modeled on a small / medium.

ORIGINAL PIECE modeled on the runway for Chicago Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week!

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