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Deep Breath Macramé Altarpiece


Deep Breath invites the soothing, soul-cleansing ambience of our Universe’s divine geometry into the heart of your spiritual practice. Our altarpiece is handwoven to capture your tools and talismans in a halo of protection, centering your focus and meditation with a pure sense of clarity, whilst adorning your space with a tranquil boho aesthetic.

Crafted in the calming, natural hue of honeyed oatmeal, each petal is adorned with a wooden bead, striped with the spellbinding allure of a tigers-eye crystal. Swept with a tasseled fringe fluffing each petal with a luxurious modern aura, this one of a kind piece is handcrafted to bless your altar with a blissful flush of serenity.

Inner circle: 10”
Widest width: 17”

In stock

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