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Glacial Dress




  • Ties in the back.
  • Seductive, sleek look.
  • Best fits a standard XS/S.
  • High quality and fair trade.
  • One of a kind look. BDSM/bondage style.
  • Slow and sustainable fashion. Zero waste!
  • Perfect for festivals, theatre, photoshoots, e-dances.
  • This yarn is soft and stretchy, with a smooth and consistent texture.
  • Made out of premium quality metallic fabric ribbon from ethically sourced family business in Spain.


Welcome to Our New Visitors!
My outfits are collection pieces. Each one is completely unique. If you would like a custom order, I can put you on the waiting list. A direct deposit will be required.

Giving Back: 20% of each purchase price is donated to the PCTA for maintenance and improvement of the Pacific Crest Trail for backpackers and hikers.

Design/Brand: GoodVibeGoda
Designer: Goda ‘Freyja’ Latvys

*accessories not included*

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