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Gravity Macramé Dress


Our stunning macramé dress, Gravity, captures the first pearlescent flush of color upon the soft, grassy lawns of early spring. With a strikingly original design, this piece is best worn overlayed with a bikini or skimpy summer combo to adorn your look with the fresh aura of the awakening earth, commanding your energy with the breathtaking elegance of a goddess.
Composed of two sweeping streams which cross the chest and cascade into a symphony of mint-green tassels, arching upwards at the back to summon an absolutely compelling effect of reverse coverage. Fearlessly sexy and harnessing the bold beauty of Mother Nature, Gravity is perfect as an alluring crown-piece for your outfit, perfect for carnivals, beach raves, photoshoots, stagewear, and more!
Handwoven with the highest quality, up-cycled and environmentally friendly fabric ribbon to ensure the eternal beauty of nature is yours. We’ll always recommend handling our dresses with care to avoid potential tangling. Best fits a standard small / medium, with a bit of stretch handily given.
Mannequin dimensions:
Neck: 12″
Shoulder: 15″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″
Made on a mannequin that is more on the petite size. Modeled on a small / medium.

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