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Release Macramé Skirt


Flaunt your divine feminine elegance with our handwoven macramé skirt, Release. Handwoven in the celestial shade of pearlescent sky blue, Release matches racy minimalism with heavenly boho elegance.

Featuring a beautifully braided waistline, parting its threads pleasingly into the tasseled skirt. Graceful, striking contrast is evoked through the dramatic polarity of skirt lengths; the short front providing a stunning hula-style illusion contouring your hips and thighs, whilst the long, flowing tassels to the rear are reminiscent of a peacock tail, waltzing with the wind as you walk.

Instantly eye-catching as an overlay to your bikini, swimwear, beach outfit or lightweight summer combo, adding an ethereal aura to any look. Perfect for festivals and beach raves, evening dates, midsummer gatherings, photoshoots, live performances and more!

Crafted from the highest quality, up-cycled and environmentally friendly cord. We’ll always recommend handling our pieces with care to avoid tangling the free-flowing ropes. Best fits a standard small / medium, with a bit of stretch handily given. Made on a mannequin that is more on the petite size.

Mannequin dimensions:
Neck: 12″
Shoulder: 15″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

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