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Strands of Mist Macramé Dress


Our ethereal boho beach gown is laced with the transcending aura of lovely Aphrodite rising from the waters. Secured as a halter neck dress, this dress is crafted from streams of soft turquoise, featuring an open back to accent your figure and encourage the air to waltz amongst its sea of tassels. A compelling piece to wear as an eye-catching overlay, flirtatiously revealing your favorite bikini, lingerie or lightweight summer outfit. Like a goddess rising from the seas, Strands of Mist is one of a kind wonder, effortlessly giving rise to a truly authentic festival/beach look.

We’ll always recommend taking some extra care and time when putting on our handcrafted dresses to avoid tangling the high-quality, environmentally friendly cords each unique piece is woven from. Best fits a standard small / medium, with a bit of stretch handily given.

Mannequin dimensions:
Neck: 12″
Shoulder: 15″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

Made on a mannequin that is more on the petite size. Modeled on a small / medium.

In stock

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