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I got picked up to go to Scout and Frodo‘s house. Their place was INCREDIBLE. What they did was so generous. For years now, they had been hosting hikers at their home the day before they began their hike. When we arrived to their place, it already felt like an adventure. He took us around the house showing us where everything was located and then we got settled.
I felt very introverted. I wanted to hide away in my diary and do my own thing. Didn’t really see that one coming, but I found myself doing it anyway. Eventually, we had dinner and we sat in a circle as they gave us a dinner talk. I observed Scout and he seemed so excited and childlike.
He taught us a lot in that moment. One of the last things he said to us was, “Every one of you here has made a sacrifice to be here right now. I don’t care what happens tomorrow, a week, or even a month from now. Whether you decide to stay on the trail or not. The fact is we made it here. In this moment. This moment took courage, but we’re here and not to forget where we came from. To remember this moment in the moments of wanting to give up.”