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So, the next morning we got to Paradise Valley Café… five minutes before they opened. The entire hike was just hilarious to me because I mentioned how I wanted french toast and he made it a MISSION to get it for me. He was running, coughing, crying… I have never felt more loved.
So we got there, barely being able to move and we enjoyed some divine french toast. I’ve been feeling a hunch for that lately. So, from there we decided to hitch to Idyllwild and something appeared to shift within us. We fell IN LOVE with the town. We thought maybe we fell in love there in a past life or something, but that place was just Divine. We both felt we were exactly where we were supposed to be. Home was where the heart was. Mm, blessed.
We decided to go to Idyllwild Inn. We got the winter cabin and I absolutely fell in love. I felt so at home. Our cabin had a fireplace inside that my baby lit.
I felt so safe and protected. We walked around town for a couple of hours and we discovered an ice cream shop. The door was open, but it didn’t say open yet. We peeked our heads in and yelled a little hello and this older guy popped out. I asked, “Are you guys open? and he said, “Depends, do you want us to be?” I couldn’t even begin to describe the generosity and sweetness of this man. He made his own ice cream and then gave us like 30 samples from pure excitement of wanting to share. We witnessed the way he just wanted us to try his creations. He had so much love and passion for what he did—it seemed like he didn’t want to be anywhere but there. We came back the next morning to splurge some more! Unforgettable moments in this town.
We ended up taking a much needed nap and then we decided to go get burritos! The lady working there was a sweetheart. She gave us an amazing jalapeño sauce to go with our chips. Fox ended up buying some just so he could ship it back home. I did not blame him. So, then we went home and relaxed. We talked nonstop about this town and how we should come back 50 years from now. We laughed at ourselves because we looked like old people, unable to walk from the physical pain… But, even so, it felt like just pretend and for our own personal amusement. Truly, never a dull moment.
I also really resonated with the idea of taking another zero and so we did! We got to explore the town even more! We went to this awesome breakfast place with THE best french toast! It tasted of childhood and the best part? It was all you can eat!
That day, we also got free 15 minute massages, which, in our defense, was more than 15 minutes. Her name was Rachel and she was a sweetheart. She even gave us free chapstick. That was around the time I completely psyched myself out because she was telling stories of how people went missing, specifically seven people in 2017. I got nervous about doing the next 60+ miles after hearing that, especially since there was a lot of snow. I got so nervous I felt like crying, but as soon as I witnessed what thoughts I was thinking, I understood why. Fox comforted me and encouraged me to go ask people if I could join them. I couldn’t gain up the courage because I didn’t want to feel like a burden. He reminded me that if I never asked, the answer would always be no.
We had a burger for dinner and went home to watch Dexter‘s Laboratory. There was a moment where we began making out and things started to get hot and heavy and I went to grab his dick and he had a cup of juice/sprite and I spilled it directly over his dick… it was like 80% full. I could not stop laughing, especially at watching him scream internally while trying to compose himself on the outside. It was even greater because I didn’t like him being all sticky so I made him get undressed and get in the bathtub. I washed him and rinsed him and he laughed, saying he felt like a baby.