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My babe came out to visit me last week & we spontaneously decided it would be fun to hike the trail together while he was here! I was experiencing intense achilles pain so he offered to carry my bag for a few days… THAT felt like a God sent moment… to have a load off my back, I was able to feel extra light on my feet & had the sensation of wanting to run! It was also pretty hysterical cause he had no equipment so we shared all of our necessities. We used a plus sized dress as a mat for him & crammed into one sleeping bag. He even ended up getting blisters all over his feet, & then all of the hikers welcomed him by saying “ayy, you’re one of us now!” & both of us just felt so at home. It’s moments like that… feeling part of such a divine community & then all the pain seems to just dissipate. He left to Chicago shortly after. So beautiful, for such a short amount of time we got to experience miracles unfold in front of us constantly. We were able to experience such powerful oneness, such as making love under the stars, being able to experience the cosmos within & without… sharing healing conversations as our afterglow continued to unfold… crying in pain from walking 14 miles by 8am just to get some french toast in town… getting free foot massages in town & experiencing the kindness of strangers… having our own personal bonfire & holding heart space for each other as we communicated the moments that triggered us. God, what I love about this man is that he really tries to put himself in my shoes over & over again, just to get a better understanding of my experiences. He has shown me his strength & love by experiencing a few days of what it feels like to hike this trail. Mm, I fall in love with this man over & over again, meeting him anew in each present moment. The journey we experience together is unforgettable & always for us; healing our perceptions, unlearning patterns of thought that don’t serve us anymore, & being gentle with one another’s growth… endless love being shared. Blessed to always be playing with you! Excited to see you again, I’m sure it will be soon, my love. A hui hou.