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“It’s all here to amuse you. No matter what you choose you can’t go wrong.” 👣🌲💫 Since I started hiking the Sierras, I’ve been experiencing a lot of anger, nervousness, & the appearance of pain arise rather than joyfulness & ease. Its as if I have to constantly remind myself to appreciate what’s coming & trust that it will all work out, even if it’s not the way I expected. It feels like a persistent mental challenge… waking yourself up at 3am when you’re already cold & tired, putting on your completely frozen shoes, crossing a raging river, summiting another mountain. It feels as if I’m being tested in every direction. I have been having breakdowns daily on the trail, & it’s SURPRISING to me because I don’t find myself as a “stressed” person… especially not in nature. Yet, I know it’s arising to show me where I still need healing. When things on the outside APPEAR challenging, & my ego is telling me that I’m not capable enough, I can choose again. I recognize how I am taking my experience & turning it into a justification for my feelings, yet simultaneously, I remind myself it’s okay to let myself play out whatever I’m feeling. Whether that’s crying, screaming, or cursing what’s in front of me… a deep surrender, the thoughts clear up, & I can embrace my inner child with kindness. 💜 Despite all the pain I appear to experience, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Having legs to walk, all I can do is sink into appreciation for being able to live out what was once only a dream! 🌟 Now, I get to WATCH it unfold in front of me… one step at a time. It’s so clear to me that I am safe & untouched in the moments when I allow my Spirit Guides to fully embody me… when I’m night-hiking, gazing at the trail of the Milky Way, observing the silhouettes of my trail family in front of me, I am able to FEEL how this earth was only projected to be explored. 🌎🌚🌌👣 It’s as if I’m walking endless miles to discover that all of this is meaningless, but that it’s FOR me & it’s all for fun! The moments are gone in an instant as consciousness moves through me. 💫 I’m diving into this emotional journey & riding with the waves as they come & go. 🌊🌪🔥