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Crossing Bear Creek is known as one of the toughest river crossings on the PCT. When I looked at it from the outside, it didn’t look intimidating, especially after some South Bounders told us it wasn’t too bad, but THIS terrified me. As soon as I got to the middle, my trekking poles were getting caught between the rocks. It was slippery & I had to do everything in my power to keep my body strong against the current. It felt like one mis-step could send me down the river. This was a reminder to cross with people or walk up/downstream some extra miles to cross at a safer spot. At the same time, this was a beautiful experience to see what the appearance of my body is capable of & all the ways I could push myself past my comfort zone mentally & physically. I’m super grateful I had my babe beside me to give me his hand & pull me out when I felt winded by the rushing water.