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Wouldn’t change a thing about the blisters, the pain, & being constantly dirty & smelly. My sense of appreciation feels like it has been lifted, by the simple moments such as coming to my campsite & laying on my air mattress. Realizing I’ve been carrying a 50 pound pack on my shoulders every day for over 3 months helps me sink into gratitude for having feet to walk, delicious hot ramen to eat at the end of the night, & a journal to express all the thoughts that have been arising.
I can see how this journey has made me tougher in the sense of witnessing that it is possible to have a shelter as you go & sustain yourself through the elements of this earth. Yet, it has also made me into a softer person. Everyday, I find myself crying & it feels like a deep surrender. Not from physical pain, but from emotional pain… I am alone & left alone with my thoughts all day. There’s nothing to distract me & every day I am shown how I can choose to see through my past in a different way.