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Segment 11 (Beginning of Collegiate West) : Definitely went through a grieving process leaving my tramily behind. But, I ended up seeing them again in Twin Lakes since I had to wait for them to open the store to resupply. I can’t seem to stay away from them. 😂
The general store was awesome. They had a dog that looked JUST like the mayor of idyllwild! (Yes, they have a dog as a mayor & I got to meet him on the pct. 😏) They have hikers a discount along with free coffee. Absolutely unbelievable. It is people like you that make they-hikers inspired to keep going. We appreciate those things sooo beyond much.
I met a badass guy named Ryan who had a gorgeous scarf thingy. It had metallic gold sacred geometry all over it. We vibed hard. He is an amazing artist & he gifted all of us hiker trash a big, cold watermelon. 🤤 He gave me a ride back to the trailhead & offered me Peyote & gifted me a T-shirt that had “Love” written in every language. I was recently asking Spirit for a shirt to go with my dress & this was by far more than anything I could’ve asked for. Mahalo, Ryan. P.S. I appreciate the tincture drops, too! They really helped. 🥰
I hiked in what felt like a straight up desert for a good 7 miles which in about a mile turned into a cold & rainy environment, like that of Washington. I walked directly through a thunderstorm, trekking directly uphill to a summit of 12,532’. I contemplated my entire life during that time but was greeted by God at the summit. 🙏🏻❤️ I took my time because the altitude was really getting me. It is much better than the first day. I also felt super duper strong today. Trail legs are officially in. I can feel all my muscle groups working at once. Abs, arms, & legs while focusing on my breath.
Mahalo Spirit, for this journey. I have been reaching new depths of myself. 👣🏔🏕