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(Collegiate West): Oh baby, the trail truly provides. The other day I wrote a personal journal entry about how I often fetishize the roles men play. The firefighter, police officer, bartender, chef, you name it. Then I realized it is okay to drool over these characters & that it is okay to roleplay if I don’t happen to get the real experience.
I started hiking solo again & I met THE sexiest older man. God, I was drooling. I asked what his (trail) name was & he goes “Professor”. My eyes widened. I asked him if he was really a professor & he said yes, a chemistry professor.
He wasn’t in the slightest intimidated by my advances. Instead, he was excited & would play the game with me, aware that it was only a game.
He bandaged my hand up because I got some blisters. I felt so taken care of by his masculine touch. So gentle, but I knew a devil resided within him. He said he loved my hands & I go “oh yeah? Even when they’re all dirty?” & he goes, “even better. It shows how hard you work.” ❤️
His friend was hiking with us & we all set up camp together. I locked eyes with the Professor & said “oh no, since I’m all bandaged up, I’m gonna need help changing out of my clothes.” ❤️
A fire was made & Professor asked if I wanted a sip of whiskey. I said, “I’ll have a taste… not from the bottle, though.” He kissed me beside the campfire for quite some time. Later on, he came over into my tent to give me more juicy kisses. He pinned me down & spoke poetry to me… & proceeded to make the most phenomenal love to me. Poets, artists, musicians, make the best love, hands down. He told me he loved how there was something primal between us two. Tired from hiking, dirty, pheromones strong & we were crazy drooling over one another.
Men in their 40s/50s have been my type since I’ve been sexually active. They have the confidence to put ME in a state of being caught off guard; knowing just what I want… & something about the way their grip feels around my neck compared to a guy my age makes all the difference. 🤤