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(Segment 19-20): Today I did 31 miles. I have had an abundance of energy for quite some time now. I don’t know what’s been going on. No amount of sex, macrame, dancing seems to fully release it. I’ll be at mile 400 in a few days & I can’t seem to stop walking. I feel like Forest Gump. 😂 There is still exhaustion, don’t get me wrong, however my legs just want to keep on wandering.
A lot of healing is occurring. I feel I am slowly walking off the pain of old beliefs, past experiences with relationships, hardships I’ve struggled with, etc.
It was my first true solo day in a while. It felt really good. I jammed to Neil Young, SYML, Floyd, & Lana. The past few days have been a test on my mind. The trail had super long exposed stretches with no water other than warm cow poop water. I was so dehydrated to the point where cow poop water tasted fucking fantastic. Then, the moment came when I hit a large creek & nearly cried. I went bathing & drank as much water as I could. The trail has taught me to never take water for granted. Honestly, ever since the PCT, drinking water & eating food has become such an appreciative experience in my life.
I made Backpacker’s Pantry (3 cheese macaroni) for dinner in my tent & dded extra slices of cheese. I was moaning in enjoyment so loud that I’m sure hikers walking by would have thought I was giving myself an orgasm. 😂