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Met some motorists, or as they like to call themselves, adventure riders. 😏 They were super fun to talk to & told me of the days they travel 600 miles at a time just to experience the road. That little girl inside me was screaming “let me come with!!!” There have been numerous times where I went cruising with some older guy on his bike. Unforgettable moments. A rush of a different kind.
My mom called me to tell me happy birthday & said “you’re 26 now, when are you going to start living a normal life & making a family?” She has asked me that same question for years now & I find myself laughing harder each time. I know she jokes (kind of) & I love that I take it less seriously.
As I grow older, I see how to me, my lifestyle feels normal compared to a stable job, a house, a relationship & kids. To me, it feels normal to meet new people, to hike across states, to not shave, to be naked, to kiss strangers, to dance in the streets, to bathe in the rivers.
Live free, be happy, take the leaps of faith, take the steps into the unknown. There is always something to be learned. Freedom is only a thought away. 🏔👣✨