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(Segment 21): I celebrated my birthday by hiking 23 miles today. I told Spirit I just wanted to see the sunrise. The second I got up & turned around, it peaked over the mountain, just in time to witness the miracle as it disappeared into the clouds seconds later. 🌞
I was walking above tree line most of the day today when out of nowhere, yes out of nowhere, the biggest hail storm hit me WHILE I had several miles of ridge line walking left. At first it was chill, but VERY quickly I got completely annihilated by giant ice balls. I was thinking to myself “Goda, you like bdsm, just try to be okay with it.” Nope 😂 I bawled my eyes out like a sissy girl the rest of the walk. To be honest, it was a very traumatizing experience. The videos I captured were before it hit hard & after it cooled down a little bit.
I was grateful to see a couple of girls down the trail who joined me for a bit to give me some peace of mind/strength to keep on trekking.
As crazy as it sounds, this is what I wanted. I wanted the trail to bring out this anger out of me… this fear… this sadness… to show me new layers of my mind, different ways I could be tested & how I could handle it. The climbing of the mountains have been intense, but I haven’t been crying the way I was on the PCT over every summit & every blister.
I got a ride into Lake City where I am staying at the Raven’s Rest Hostel. I put on town clothes (clean clothes given to hikers to walk around town) & went to get a burger next door. An officer came in that looked like he was from the old western days & I asked the server if it was a real cop & she goes, “totally!! He even rode into town on his horse the other day!” 😂
I turned my phone back on to receive happy birthday messages, I gave my mom a call to hear her voice, & I took a bite out of a fresh burger & I thought to myself, “worth it”.
I know these experiences only make me stronger, whether I choose to see it now or not… & to be able to be blessed with such family & friends makes these hardships seem like passing waves that are only arising to help me reach new summits in my mind. 🏔👣✨