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Segment 24-25: I hit the 400 mile mark!! 🎉🎊 I saw a bunch of clouds rolling in before noon & I prayed for it to not hit me (at least just this once 😅). The rest of the day I walked in some sort of sun circle where all of the thunderclouds were surrounding me, but I wasn’t getting any of the action. I was also in full celebration that I was back within the trees. 🌲❤️
I saw so many people today which actually felt super nice. Most of them were day hikers. Every other group was stopping me to congratulate me & was in awe that I was doing a thru-hike. Whereas the whole time I was wondering if I had chocolate all over my face from the pop tarts & cosmic brownies I smashed earlier. 😂 I do find it sweet that people get so inspired, though. I can see the passion in their eyes. It reminds me of when I first became inspired to choose this path. It’s like I tell everyone, “anyone can do it… only one step at a time.”
I met a guy who I hiked with for a couple miles & he offered to take my trash for me since he was heading off to a separate campground. Seriously guys, you have no idea how much hikers appreciate the smallest of things. They are BIG things to us. ❤️
At the end of the day, I met a couple of guys & we trekked together for the last 5 or so miles to get to Lime Creek. They gifted me food & snacks. They said they overpacked (win-win situation).