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Segment 25-27: I ended up starting my moon this morning which I did not plan for because I assumed the physical exertion on my body would cause it to come later but instead it came earlier. So with that being said, I decided to free-bleed. I did not vibe with it while hiking because it felt like I was just pissing down my legs. 😂 It was much easier in Hawaii when I was in my community or at the nude beach where I could just rinse myself off. I did feel pretty badass, though, because I guarantee if men were bleeding out of their d***’s they would probably call it quits.
I was happy for the most part, even when I walked through a thunderstorm. It felt like it pushed me & I was just so grateful to be within tree line. I also had a crazy amount of insights/poetry come up after the rain passed, which I will be sharing soon. ❤️
I ended up doing just under 31 miles, completely pau by the end. There happened to be people at the campsite I planned to stay at, so I asked if I could crash with them & they were so beyond inviting. One of the guys saw how dirty my feet were & quickly offered to warm me up some water so I could clean them. ❤️ They ended up cooking me a thick ass cheeseburger & my entire being warmed up & I felt like I could finish this hike with a new found energy.