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This would be the time I would go back to Chicago but I have no desire to. I decided to keep hiking since I felt called to wait for my tramily & let the fires die down a bit before I hitched to the West Coast. I got a ride to the Vallecito Creek Trail by a guy named Matt. He told his boss he was going to be late… said he used to hitchhike a lot himself & understands. Most of the car ride consisted of him telling me about every conspiracy theory you can think of. I loved it. 😂
Got to the trailhead, met a cowboy who gave me suggestions on where I could hike. I decided to do some trails in Weminuche once I get up towards the Continental Divide. I went skinny dipping & melted cookies in the sun so they would be more doughy. Met some Forest Rangers who let me touch their llamas. That was the highlight of my day. 😂
Got completely blasted by rain. I feel I am finally used to it & understand it’s just a Colorado thing. I’ve never been as wet as I was today, though. The trail was barely visible & the water was up to my shins, so I decided it would be a good idea to set up camp as the rain was only getting worse. 🖤
Currently studying the map to plan out my trek. So funny how I can navigate myself in the middle of the wilderness but I still use a gps in Chicago to find my way around. 😂