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I got dropped off by Mushroom Man & began hitching to Portland. There were a few cars that stopped to give me a ride, but I made a pact with myself to deny offers if the energy felt weird. About 3-4 cars stopped & within a second of opening the car door I knew it wasn’t meant for me.
People often ask me how I know if the energy is off. For me, it is something I experience in less than a second. An instinct. A moment when we lock eyes & I just know. I thanked each one & let them know I’d prefer to keep waiting.
I stood a moment longer in the heat of the day & thanked Spirit for providing me the ride I needed. Seconds later, a man named Paul pulled up. Immediately I knew this guy was super cool & that we’d hit it off. Turns out he was going directly to Portland (where I planned to go; 8 hours away).
He just finished section hiking the JMT & summited Whitney! I convinced him to get Hoka’s since he was having problems with his Soloman’s. I have been promoting @hokaoneone since the beginning of the CT. I got at least 5 people to buy them. I am so passionate about them I should be getting sponsored at this point. 😂
After a trip to REI, Paul took me to dinner in Medford with his friends & we were on our way again. I fell asleep as he drove us into Portland late at night. The energy reminded me a lot of my dad & I driving home from the airport. The rush of the highway noise gently swayed me to sleep & before I knew it, I was home again. 🙏🏻