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Day 5 (Sand Lake Recreation Area to Lincoln City)
This morning I had a road walk detour. As I was walking, I experienced sadness. No particular reason whatsoever. Nothing in the world justifies the way I feel, it is simply because I momentarily feel I have separated myself from the Creator (which of course isn’t true, it’s only a misperception). The feelings pass by with a lot more ease when I just give them space to, rather than going into story mode (which distracts me from being present).
People in Oregon are one of the kindest people I have ever met. People just walk up to me & ask if I need any help or a ride somewhere. I love the curiosity & inspiration they experience simply from seeing me in a backpack. I adore how they just want to be a part of my journey in any way possible. I often thought that social media was the only way to inspire others, however after being off it for a few days, I realize that working on a subtle level causes just as much of an impact.
I walked through a mystical moss forest for a few miles. I took a moment to stop & appreciate the fog enveloping the tall trees & the way their branches created a canopy. I felt as though I was in Narnia.
Just as I started road walking again, a biker pulled up on the other side of the HWY. He was heading north & thought he saw his biker friends heading south (they planned to run into one another in a couple of weeks).
I offered him candy & he asked if I needed a ride into town & I said fuck yes since it started to rain. His name was Jamie & he took me to Safeway to buy my favorite trail food (lemon poppyseed muffins). We hung out in the parking lot for an hour & dried off in the sun. We decided to start looking for a campsite since it was getting dark. I suggested a campground but there was a $35 fee (which was mind boggling since it was basically on concrete next to a bunch of RV’s & toilets.) The campground was full but we drove around anyway. There was one man in particular who gave a genuine smile, so I waved to him. Jamie pointed out he was a biker guy & he would probably be nice enough to let me crash with him for the night. So, we drove back & with a big smile I said, “Can I pretty please camp with you? I have muffins!!!” He laughed & said of course I could. His name was Ron & he offered Jamie & his biker friends to camp with him as well! #slumberparty
Later, we rode to the Old Oregon Saloon. We got some drinks & burgers & talked of our adventures. I absolutely love riding with biker men. Just the feeling of holding onto their shoulders as I swing my leg around to mount the bike… warmth & safety enveloped in a deep undertone of adventure… poetry in motion.
I rode back with Jamie & he gently removed my helmet for me when we made it home. I knew how to do it myself, I just enjoyed the way he took care of me. He whispered goodnight as he walked past my tent & I fell asleep soundly.