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Day 6 (Lincoln City to Devil’s Punch Bowl):
I got breakfast with the biker guys. Jamie drove me to the coast to continue my trek.
It was what felt like a never ending road walk today. Beautiful & gentle elevation gains but man, it is hard on your feet compared to soft dirt. I let out a scream/groan a couple times which released some tension. I ended up stopping at a market to buy a tub of ice cream so I ate that as I walked HWY 101. I felt like a badass.
I saw a street called “Tillicum”. That made me smile for quite some time. I also have been seeing way more trail markers! A few people told me that the association started adding more sections in the forest to avoid road walking. Yay to future hikers!!! 🤩
Today was the second time I waved to someone excitedly who happened to be waving to the person behind me. I feel like moving to a different state whenever that happens. 😂