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Day 12 (Coos Bay to Devil’s Kitchen):
Quadz caught up with me as I was eating my poppyseed muffins. We talked about how awesome it would be to get a burger. The next town was 15 miles away; we already walked around 10 miles & were feeling pau. A car started driving by & I jokingly stuck my thumb out to hitch a ride & they actually stopped so we said fuck it. 😂 They drove us approximately 4 miles to get to the beach. It wasn’t that much fun of a beach walk due to the strong winds & cold weather.
Near the end of the day, a couple of cute boys saw me walking down HWY 101 & asked if I needed a ride, so I said sure! I could tell they were interested in me. I texted them & they said I could choose which one I wanted to have so I said both of them. 😈
Quadz & I made it to ‘Broken Anchor Bar & Grill’ in Bandon. We got great food & that was when I learned that Dr. Pepper had caffeine. He told me how he loves watching the way that people interact with me & how they are just drawn to me; that I’m always finding a way to have fun. It was really healing to hear that because I was a different person a few months ago. I love seeing how much I’ve grown just by handing my mind & body over to God. I love watching the way He has helped me trust in the journey of healing the shared mind.
We tried taking cute backpacking photos on the beach with his self-timer camera. First one was him trying to put his arm around my waist, however my backpack was in the way so it went over my head. The other ones were us attempting to jump when the timer went off & we kept missing it. All of the photos came out extremely awkward, but better captured ‘us’ perfectly. 😂
We ran into an older man who was flying a kite on the beach & he asked us if we wanted to learn so of course we took the opportunity! I almost flew off into the sky; Quadz was a natural. 🪁
I called my mom at the end of the day. It was such a euphoric feeling to experience a mother’s love. She doesn’t know how to give compliments very well. She goes, “You know, you were the most difficult child for me to raise. You cost me 20 years of my life & oh my god did you test me… but you know, something in my heart tells me that you will be the closest child to me. Maybe I feel it’s that way because you put me through so many tests; I just feel like you will be the one visiting me when I’m old.”
Something I was telling Quadz just before I called was how much I appreciate my mom because she is the one I take all these photos & videos for. She is the one I want to share every part of my experience with. I made a group chat for my entire family & I know that at the end of the day she is the only one who is sitting in her bed late at night looking through every photo & video. She asked again if I’d be coming home after this trail & I said no, that my heart was still calling me to stay on the west coast. She expressed how she wanted to take me to Paris & explore Europe with me. She said every once in a while she will look back on the videos of Hawaii & just laugh to herself… how she will forever hold that trip close to her heart & that it will forever be her favorite. Handing over our relationship to God was the best apparent decision we ever made. Our relationship has healed beyond what I could have ever imagined or hoped for.