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This morning, we woke up at 3am to begin hiking because we had to make sure we passed through the specific zones at low tide otherwise Google told us we would die. Nothing like a little fear to get us going in the morning. 😂

I asked Spirit to bring me a dead starfish so I could bring it back to my mom/coworkers in Chicago. Within 30 seconds, I spotted one on the beach & from that moment on, the most cute little starfish were appearing on my path. We also found what we named ocean trees, sea pinecones, sea slugs, & sea potatoes.

So, then came the moment we had to trek the “impassable section”. I have a fear of water, so I actually peed myself from the water coming at me. I was laughing through it all, regardless of my legs shaking with adrenaline.

This is now my second favorite trail. The area reminded me a lot of the scenes in ‘Shutter Island’ with sheer/jagged cliffs but then would quickly change to soft, open prairie fields. We were in awe by the amount of wildlife we saw in a matter of 25 miles. Sea lions, deer, pelicans, seagulls, skunks, bear prints, raccoons, snakes, toads, starfish, sea urchins.

Our last couple miles, we watched the sea lions put on a show for us as they danced on the crest of the waves. Once we hit the finish line at Shelter Cove, we hitched a ride back to Mattole Beach. We waited about an hour to get a ride. Barely saw any cars, but the few that we did see just passed us by. We were sitting on the asphalt under a tree with the leaves gently falling on us. I closed my eyes & felt gratitude for it being such a perfect September day. We were in Humboldt, surrounded by pot farms that made me reminisce of my days trimming in Oregon. Thought to myself how I would rather wait for hours & just pitch up my tent if no one shows. No service, no distractions. Gently teaching me patience, trust, & enjoyment of what is.