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The High Unitas was just what I needed. The trail was extremely remote; perfect for true solitude time. The views reminded me of the Sierra Nevada, Washington & Colorado combined. Pine forests, mountains, meadows, high elevation. The pinkish reddish rocks that Utah had looked as though someone sprinkled pink glitter on them & when it rained, it turned a deep crimson red. 💖

For those of you who are inspired to hike this:
I HIGHLY recommend getting several different items for navigation because very often you will find yourself walking on the trail & then it just stops & you have to find your way around… & the trail didn’t always go straight. 😅 I got lost somewhere around 50 times.

The terrain is very difficult to walk on. Doable, but difficult. Most of the trail is basically big jagged rocks & wet, lumpy grass. (My feet are now covered in blisters). There was maybe 3-5 miles where the terrain was just nice dirt.

Prepare for the weather. I got hit by 3 hailstorms my second day out, thinking that they would pass. Make sure to trust your intuition even when you feel like you want to keep moving. Thunderstorms move towards you waaay faster than you think. Once the 3rd storm came, I decided to set up my tent even though it was early. I am glad I did!!

Fun highlights:

  • heard mountain lions shrieking
  • pretty sure I went into the first stage of hypothermia when I was hit by a thunderstorm in my tent. The rain eventually got through & got all my down stuff wet. I started shaking & then got into my trash bag to keep warm. Thankfully, it passed shortly after that.
  • discovered I love wasabi soy sauce almonds
  • realized how much I appreciate people after not seeing them for several days. I was getting excited seeing wet horse poop & footprints, giving me clues that people were close.
  • found a lovely campsite, cuddled up into my sleeping bag & watched the clouds pass over the mountain until it got dark. Remembered that there was no one here except for me. No need to constantly try to impress people or inspire them. All of that takes care of itself when I recognize it is all coming from me.
  • this trail made me cry the most from the views & frustration.
  • had a breakdown on porcupine pass & moved past a big experience in my mind
  • most of the passes made you feel like you could die if you took the wrong step. Almost had my stomach dropping.