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Logan got me a room last night & I could tell he was feeling lonely & he thought he could solve his feelings by messing around with me. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We were in 2 separate beds & he said he would give me my space as he didn’t want to make me feel uncomfortable. I was exhausted. I was up since 3am hiking & it was around 11pm when I fell asleep… & when I am out, I am OUT. I woke up to him in my bed naked, massaging my ass. I just took a deep breath & got up to take a bath. I have never been one to freak out in those situations. It’s just kind of like, “eh, he’ll figure his shit out.”
I went downstairs to the lobby to eat some fruit loops & pancakes. I gently closed my eyes & took in the scent of the hotel. Hotels have such a special place in my heart. I thought about how blessed I have been in my life to have my Dad take me to hotels throughout our travels & how I never had to worry about him touching me in the middle of the night. Some people grew up like that & I am just grateful that my Dad always respected my boundaries.
Logan was passed out upstairs. I went outside & sat on the curb. I called my Dad & said, “Dad, I just want to say how much I love you & how grateful I am for everything that you’ve done for me. I want to let you know that this is why I take these trips… so I can remember all the ways you have taken care of our family. I appreciate you & your love for me doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for being such a great father. ❤️” I could feel him smiling over the phone. He talked about my little brother needing to become a professional tennis player, at least through college… regardless of him being happy or not. He ranted for a good 5 minutes & I started tearing up. I closed my eyes & felt how lovely it was to hear my fathers voice. I didn’t want to change his perception or mentality. I just wanted to listen to him & I loved him for all that he was. Then, I spoke with the rest of my family. My mom called & told me how she bought a new rug for me. My Grandpa said everyone has been waiting for my return home. I FaceTimed my little brother to tell him I would be home in time to go trick or treating with him & he was ecstatic! His smile alone brought tears into my eyes. People keep telling me how lucky I am & I realize I truly am. I’m not sure why that “knowing” hits you later in life.
I got dropped off at Safeway & said my goodbyes to Logan’s family. It was so sweet to tell them I loved them & to experience such wholesome hugs. I will never forget them. I gave the kids my numbers so they could reach out to me at anytime.
I got picked up by an awesome guy named Joel. Immediately when I got in, he goes, “What the fuck are you doing hitching here??” I laughed & he asked how I buy food without money & I go, “I have money. I just prefer to hitchhike.” He laughed & said, “Do NOT get in the car with a muscular guy who has neck tattoos & tell him you have money.” 😂 He bought us Mexican food which we ate in the parking lot while jamming out to ‘Bittersweet Symphony.’ We said we would meet up again in Sedona & he would take me sight-seeing. He dropped me off on the side of a highway & held my hand as he did a small prayer for me. I absolutely love when my rides pray for me. I usually see one text a day from one of my rides telling me they have prayed for my safety. So wholesome. ❤️
Got a ride with the owner of ‘Tia Nita’s Cantina’. She let me hang out at her bar & journal while the monsoon passed. I talked to a bunch of really cool people at the bar. A lovely woman approached me in a motherly manner & told me to be safe & that God is working overtime with me.
I fell asleep in the booth with the music blaring in the background & drunk people playing billiards. I slept very soundly… it reminded me of when my parents took me to parties as a kid & I would fall asleep on the floor or in the booths & they would cover me up with their jackets. I’ve now developed the skills to fall asleep anywhere. I’ve knocked out in the middle of a music festival before… one of my many talents. 😂